Still dare to change the rule of winning the finals

After the final battle of winning seven, the NHL ended this season. The Boston brown bear lost 1-4 at home to the St. Louis Blues and failed to win another Stanley Cup championship since 2011. According to metaphysics, the Boston brown bear was still two goals ahead of the blues in the first two quarters, leading to the inability to return to the sky in the third quarter and losing the championship, Maybe there’s a reason.

After the fierce fighting in the first six games, in addition to the brown bear’s success rate of playing more and less, and the experience of the finals, the physical quality and strength of the players of the two teams are equal. When it comes to the final competition, Cassidy and beiroub always emphasize the treatment of G7. Nothing is different. Everything will not change in pre match training, pre match preparation and pre match routine. Beiroub even said that he would try his best to help the team to create a normal state. When talking about this problem, the players of the two teams also said, “keep the original state Rules, nothing changes. “

Many NHL players have a little superstition. Some players who must leave the ice rink at the last foot and eat something about apple before the game. It’s not surprising that before the world war seven, the players of the team were careful to keep their original ideas and remember any different changes. But today, brown bear has a unconventional thing happened.