When it comes to this matter

Awesome, I called every injury back, and uh, super Siya people’s change. This time it may be slower. The main reason I think I think maybe Wei has changed his basketball concept. What is basketball? We know that Wei has a MVP. Scoring,

Wang, triple doubles, the triple doubles record that broke the record. Last season, we got another triple doubles per field. This season, we still need to get a triple doubles per field. But this season’s triple doubles per field seems to be a bit dangerous. More than 20 points, 10 rebounds and a little more than 10 assists are just the right data. In fact, it’s very dangerous. Sometimes, if a player wants to play with a mission, I’ll play for the rebound, I’ll play for the assist.

There are tens of millions of them. That’s right. This strategy and tactics may not be carried out, or I can offer them. Now it’s passed out. When I went to attack, I wanted to go. The boat didn’t change according to the changes on the court. Sometimes, the data were formed naturally rather than deliberately. When it comes to this matter, I thought that it was hard in those years, that is, there were a lot of them.

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These players all have personal

The feeling is, er, the feeling of being on duty is that although the team doesn’t cooperate a lot, the players’ singles ability is pretty good. These players all have personal breakthrough ability and are very accurate in three-point shooting, except for letters and songs. Big Lopez, let’s say it or not.

He, er, as the big brother, asked for help. The 3-point shooting rate of 3 times 63 times 7 is not too low. It’s not too low. Several other tribes, Gordon Middleton, including Brad southnell and Michael. The three-point hit rate of no class is quite high. Some personnel are more than 40%.

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The Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals

Can you believe that curry is so strong now? Can you believe that curry led the Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals? Ah, can you believe it? Well, if we don’t say this year, we’ll just say curry is the strongest in curry.

So what we’re saying is that we can make an analogy based on the actual situation, and we can make an analogy based on combat ability. You don’t deserve to compare with James in terms of comprehensive ability, omnipotence and attributes.

Is that wrong? You think you can lead the Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals? First ask Duncan. You first ask, Kobe fans, ah, Kobe fans will be the champion next year. You ask, Kobe fans can’t pass it. Are you interested? Ask, Kobe fans have wiped out Kobe fans. Besides, what kind of players in curry, do we need to talk more about.

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What money is there to cut what players

It’s an insult. There are five all stars who can’t reach the championship. What kind of basketball are you playing hard? I can’t imagine. Some friends say, er, we are right, that is, warriors fans. Sometimes we are right. Although five all stars are powerful, we can play garbage instead.

At the bottom, oh, I think the players who say this kind of words, or the fans who say a few words, I really think, do you want this face? After all five all stars start, what kind of buttocks do you want to be? Is it enough to give you 12? Go to pick her up with all your information pithy formula. Kat curry, Thompson green and so on, what money is there to cut what players, right? Other people’s salary cap is one hundred million, your salary to you two hundred million is enough, right? This is nonsense.

This argument is that very childish can say this kind of words. I think we should not watch basketball. OK, just play video games and it’s over. OK, this article turns over. Speaking of this, all the ball rights are given to the main players. Curry demands all the players. Durant wants to move, but Thomson wants to move. Igordala Green has been compressed.

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Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history

There have been four or five assists. You’re a bit scary as a center. Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history. How many assists can you have in the long term? Just take a look at Gasol. Let’s go and see what little Gasol we have.

Right. Well, king, it’s also said that he is good at this, er, that, ha ha, diwatts, right? There’s another right. Anyway, all these players go to have a look, including Professor Yue He Yue, who has already organized the entry. I have super many assists. Go and have a look, right? So it’s very excellent and amazing. Ah, once you have such players, it’s a tactical point, that is, it’s cost-effective to buy a tactical point with 5 million and 8 million . Why are there so many players and the high battery is outside. Ah, 2.10 meters, right?

Or two 082.10 meters, standing on the outside line can only shoot. There’s a contract, right? Nothing else, right? I don’t need to go to the inside line. I just need to attack and stand on the outside, which is a tactic. Why can my annual salary reach more than 10 million, right? I’ll get 10 million.

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The overall strength of the Warriors must be the first in the league

As I said before, this Corzine is going to come back soon, and I’m going to play the Clippers. Er, let’s talk about my view on the warriors now. First of all, the overall strength of the Warriors must be the first in the league, or even the super first-class team, the universe team. There is no team that can compete with the warriors, so we must say Er this. If you can beat the warriors, what can you do earlier? I think, er, if there is a problem with the core of the warriors themselves, for example, if you attack from the outside, there is no big way. You can’t beat the warriors. Even if he is not on the team, it depends on the big four. Well, it’s very difficult to fight with the warriors island.

In the environment of the western region, ah, such a team as the Rockets last year, this team can compete with the warriors to win the seventh place. I haven’t seen it. No team is like this, because last season, the Rockets played the seventh place only when they were completely able to compete with the warriors. In order to lose this game in the end, it shows that this lineup can compete with the warriors. But this year, for the west, you say that there is no such hope, including Max and the Blazers.

The Rockets are not the same young players as last year’s rockets, including the Lakers. Too many, only the thunder team, he seems to have a little bit of outstanding defense. He also defends to contain the possibility of the warriors. But if the referee really blows very hard, well, it’s very difficult to win against the warriors. That’s true. Unless the referee is a little bit lax and encourages the defense, this action is a little bit larger, right? If there is more confrontation, then you can limit the warriors. Ah, vaguely, only the thunder team of the warriors can compete, but can it be more than 12.

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There’s a rocket team coming to the Rockets

You pass, suppress, test, and Sims data this year, to compare with cusins, just like, have to stay in the warriors and get no big contract so that the warriors can successfully complete the renewal of the four giants, right, give up, Thompson or give up green, you can always maintain a strong competitiveness.

Yeah, it’s wonderful for Cole, so let’s talk about this. There’s a rocket team coming to the Rockets, right, faried. Are we going to have a good time with all of you, and we have to make a bottom line. For, can the train station play this problem? Good man, how, I really don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t say nonsense for my conscience because it is wrong to say wrong, right or wrong.

You can make extreme judgments when you don’t know the facts. This is not a fearless judgment. We are talking about basketball. We are talking about whether we are betting on the ball. We are talking about basketball. All the things we talk about in this program are thought and verified for a while.

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It’s almost the same as this program

This question, you have to see how many of them were on the court at Cabra and when they were sending out the material. If there were and many cases, we would have predicted that the Rockets were actually doing the deal to get the position of No. 3. Right, because personally, Cabra’s role in the Rockets is unique and can’t be copied, and no one can replace coffee. He will play a lot of time in the playoffs.

You should not be surprised that 38 minutes or more will be the reason for the Rockets. No one can top. The coffee bar position should be clear now. Realize this. Well, it’s almost the same as this program. Basically speaking, it’s about here. So we should instill a theory or a kind of thinking. Understand that modern basketball is not in the past, even in the past, it is the same.

Can you, attack where, where to prevent you from defining what, position, can not, right not just judging from your functional performance which position you are not right to the Rockets.

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One person can play one by one

There are many, balls, he can all play from three points, holding the ball. One person can play one by one. Have you seen Duncan play this way in the last 10 years? Duncan was omnipotent when he was young. Spurs fans can definitely give me a play.

Everything, Duncan, so Anthony Davis, I think he is a player with the ability to hold the ball, he can break from the three-point line to play in Duncan’s young mode is very terrible ah, Anthony Davis, college, high school. Play the organization guard, you believe it, so he has modern ball control ability and holding ability.

Well, it is a habit he can develop from childhood. The ability he can develop from childhood is the same as Duncan, just like that of Simmons now we use James. Ah, one thing. When Simmons hit the center in position 4, well, seven people were right. Peter traded. Simon went to play No. 5. Do you think Simons is also a center forward? Right, Ingram is playing scoring guard now. Success. I don’t think it is. I don’t think it is. It doesn’t succeed in Ingram.

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So what is your contract in the next year basically

The value of universal character you are marginal comprehensive, that is, the value of edge all star involves the contract of the next year. I don’t understand that means that I have confirmed you are the all star of this year. So what is your contract in the next year basically. I have established that there will be imbalance between the two teams.

If you are the first team, we will use the news chip. If you use the replacement, we will exchange with you at the cost of substitution. Then you are the marginal player. We are the role players for an equivalent exchange, so it is unlikely to involve it now. All star players, trading so we don’t know the role rotation well, that doesn’t mean anything.

So for the Lakers, it’s really easy to get Anthony Davis now, right? We said the main and most important thing before is to see. James, attitude, and Davis attitude, ah, these two attitudes determine everything. It is their attitude. James, attitude represents the Lakers can play any kind of chip, Anthony Davis attitude represents which team she wants to go to actually or they are the two masters,

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