But now it seems that in nearly three months, the maintenance is very good

But now it seems that the bubble has been very well maintained for nearly three months, except for some occasional events that we chatted about as the fringe news, such as house or Lu Wei. The whole bubble can be said to be perfect from the perspective of broadcasting.

Originally speaking, the experience of the fans is not as good as that of the former NBA where there were fans at the scene. But I think the league has done its best in the face of modern challenges and restrictions, and what is more valuable is the cavalry League at the same time.

It’s the lowest audience rating in more than 20 years, which is the most important reason. It’s also the first time that NBA has to compete with the NBA Finals, rugby and baseball, and other professional sports leagues in the United States at the same time for fans. But from the perspective of bubbles, it’s the best way.

From the perspective of players’ health, NBA has done the best in all sports leagues and military leagues in the United States. I agree with that very much. At the beginning, I really thought that bubbles would have problems at a certain time.

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Carter is actually a bull version of Mitchell Robinson in a way

Carter is actually, to some extent, the bulls, version of Mitchell Robinson rookie season has shown very high scoring efficiency and the flexibility of defense, but the playing time is very limited, the average playing time is 25 minutes, then you know why the upper body has type, because the coach is rotten and injured.

Kobe’s only difference is not that the coach doesn’t let him go on the court. He can’t go on the court. In fact, his injury risk is very big. In recent seasons, there is hardly a year. Ah, the attendance rate is up to the standard level of the league. I agree with that. But his injury risk is that he, including his rookie, actually played this four game in the last two months Four games.

However, the hidden danger of his injury is that his number of appearances is relatively small, but his average playing time is not more than 30 minutes, but he is actually a young center with the starting ability and the average playing time is more than 30 minutes, so I think it is very possible after changing the coach next season.

Carter’s playing time and chances will be more. Gao Zhi, as you said, the multi terminal disadvantage is that the offensive core of the team may not be able to be established soon. In fact, on my side, there is another disadvantage, that is, he and the star. I don’t agree with that. Think about his teaching experience.

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