He was well represented during the Clippers

Coach, right, there are also reasons for injuries, there may be some gaps in the team’s star, but I am optimistic about the signing. I think rivers has two abilities that are very suitable for this seven week man. The first one is his ability to coordinate multiple stars. In fact, this is most obvious in Celtic.

There are many big stars, all of them can hold down, and those players are actually very difficult to do. Yes, they can give them chicken soup and stimulate their potential. The second, the ability design to a certain extent involves the change of the tactics just mentioned by you two, that is, he makes good use of the ability of the sixth man.

He got a good performance during the Clippers period. I think it’s impossible to solve the 76ers’ space congestion problem, including the ball right problem, next season. If I’m a tactical analyst, one of the moves I might give them is that Ben Simmons plays the sixth man. It’s impossible for me to make a fortune.

We have to play a fake. The starting point is to take the reserve lineup as the player and organizer of the reserve lineup. Then how long is Harris’ time? Let him cut the main lineup. Simmons and the earth will lead the main lineup, including bringing in.

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There have been many changes in NBA coaches recently, including the general manager

Recently, there are a lot of coach changes in NBA, including some major news about the change of team general manager. So this program is just for you to talk about the recent NBA.

Coach selection, the change and the impact on these teams, so the ending we are recording now is on Tuesday night in the United States. After the end of last season, a total of six teams have identified new coach candidates. They are Brooklyn.

The nets against the New York Knicks, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Indiana Pacers just announced today. In addition to these teams, in fact, there are several teams in the NBA, and the candidates for the head coach are vacant. For example, this is almost right.

Er, the thunder team and the Houston Rockets, which are also in constant news recently, are paying close attention to it. Today, we will talk to you about the candidates for new coaches of these teams and the positions of the vacant coaches.

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