What thunder can do is basically not leave the goods on the book

So first of all, or young players with potential, the skincare may also be sold in the next few days. The possibility of reselling is very small. Basically, there is no team that can afford or be responsible for this big contract. Thunder can basically not keep the goods on the book, after all.

Thunder can afford it. In addition, it is possible to buy out such a large contract. However, if you want to buy out such a large contract, the cost is very high. In fact, the more important thing is that it is extremely attractive to 76 people. After doing this transaction, it is definitely not an end. It may be just a, the beginning is right.

In the end, seven teasers made a deal with the Mavericks. The point guards on both sides made a deal. The Mavericks got about ten Richardson’s 76ers. He got cescurie of the Mavericks. In my opinion, this deal should be a win-win deal. Yes, before this deal, amo.

If you ask me if the Mavericks can play the Suns, I may have to ask you this doubt. After the deal, it was very clear that the Mavericks must have played the Suns, because you have found the civil air defense make-up course, but it is a very important point. Although Richardson played in 76ers last season.

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Who do you think is more suitable for this buck, Brogden or hollerty

From his organization, it can only be regarded as a medium or above average level in the league. His attack is definitely not an all star level attack. But it has to be said that this is higher than bradeso, especially the playoff bradsox. It’s high. I don’t know where it’s going. It’s true that you can’t be higher than bradsox, but I have a person here.

Ask two of you, ah, who do you think is more suitable for this bucks, ah, but Brogden was the target of no contract renewal before, and speaking of this, we also said before that the Bucks had extended their contract in 1819 season ahead of schedule, but Bradshaw didn’t spend money.

At that time, we felt that it was the biggest management failure of the Bucks last season. Now it seems that this has had a great impact on the bucks. Therefore, I think happy Di’s deal can only be regarded as a mend after a sheep’s fall. I personally think that although Brogden may not be as good as holly in terms of comprehensive strength, but.

Ogden’s launch on the offensive end, including his team’s series, includes that his projection is more suitable for the Bucks than breaking the enemy, even cheaper and younger. In fact, we may have overlooked a more central issue, that is, whether the reinforcement is enough.

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As the fourth No. 1 friar in the history of the team, he already knew

When he was chosen by the Cavaliers in the summer of 2011, he became the fourth top friar in the team’s history and he knew.

His rookie season is doomed to be flat. For a keen, proven rookie, proving his rookie, the top White has done much more damage than the old ones, and he also understands waiting for himself in Ohio.

It is a great opportunity for Owen to use his own performance to forget the pain of the last king and become a new king of his post, whether Cleveland people regard him as James’ substitute or not.

Even though he is ready to meet the challenge, Owen still can’t think of how strong this eagerness, how strong, and how much pressure his mailbox is under.

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Griffin, the sculptor, once created a masterpiece

The mechanical bounce of Westbrook Russell west west Brown, together with a little bit of charming micro humor, Griffin Griffin’s storm swept the basketball world, he was 22:5:12.1.

Rebounds 3.13.8 assists and 50.6% shooting rate of the new season performance, rookie season performance, at that time is the first time in 40 years, 2011 Paul Chris Paul airborne Los Angeles.

After entering the Gemini era, the team broke the rules and Victoria easily won more than 50 victories. People expect more and more from Griffin. Griffin, a sculptor from 2013 to 14, once created and created a masterpiece. We almost saw the final form of his works.

Baobao’s physical fitness, passing high and low technology and passing control, made him the fifth player in league history who averaged 24 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game. The players and Qian dead were all Jabbar and Buckley.

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