McGee scored 14 points in 16 minutes

Everyone is the coach. They are replaced in 10 minutes. The main players are already 30 points behind. Obviously, 33% of the shooting rate and 21% of the three-point shooting rate are still. It is impossible to beat the warriors.

The backhand is usually used to hit the opponent’s soft and soft ribs. This is the third game of the warriors’ sparse series. In addition, he didn’t have Durant Barnes and levinston in this game. He even had a hole in his ear. Because he was ill, he couldn’t know that it was the Blazers.

On the opportunity that shouldn’t be given up, nurkic’s comeback and double gun feel warm, then the Blazers once led 67-54 in the first half, worried that the water brothers’ outbreak in the third quarter would make the warriors chase after the points recovered. McKee got 14 points in 16 minutes.

He became an important hero of the warriors. Despite the lack of soldiers, the guerrillas played very patiently and waited for the pioneers to make mistakes. Finally, the pioneers could not maintain their high efficiency in the second half. The warriors made 25 assists, 7 mistakes, and the pioneers 17 assists and 16 mistakes.

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The beginning of a career, the career of a professional player

On behalf of Chicago lo, Jora Da Lola University played games. In 1977, she went overseas and started her career as a professional player. Her first stop was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She met her.

The fashion model is afraid of you, Firestone. They got married. On May 17, 1982, Pamela was named Tony Parker in Belgium. Then she gave birth to two sons named Terence and Pierre. Tony Parker Jr. was a child.

Energy boy had a fight with a dog when he was three years old, and was bitten by a dog in his face. When he was four years old, he fell down the stairs and left a scar between his two eyebrows. Parker and basketball are predestined. He and her two brothers often go to watch his father play basketball games.

He later recalled that I would play with my brothers and me until two or three o’clock in the morning, because living in France, football is the most popular sport in France, and the Paxson brothers naturally love football at first.

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But despite the natural disadvantages of height

However, despite the natural disadvantage of height, it is really the high school team that takes them to conquer the coach with their own performance, and it still occupies its own place, perhaps God’s blessing, which is the concept of his love for basketball.

In the following two years, McClellan and Mo grew up crazily, and his height gradually ceased to be his lawyer on the court. In the third year of senior high school, mclem scored 54 points in a single game, which broke the school history record in one fell swoop.

At 29:3, she became Ohio’s best high school student of the year. However, in 2009, when he was about to graduate from high school, mclem resumed his college life. He hoped to continue his own video for Xavier University. He liked it very much.

He became a member of the school’s basketball team. However, the new head coach, Chris mark, gave him a cold shoulder and refused him mercilessly. The reason is very simple. When a former editor at that time, Javier University used Jordan Crawford in the back line.

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After all, no one can resist the invasion of time

The law of nature tells us that with the passage of time, his body function, his speed and his explosive power will decline to a certain extent. After all, no one can resist the invasion of time.

In many other aspects, his performance will not decline. For the next ten years, he still has the Venetian Venetian boatman’s, human tolerance, sports photographer’s concentration, and marathon runner’s desire to win, and at the same time, his understanding of competition is growing.

I’m just trying to live in the present and live in the moment, James said. Only God knows how long we can play on the court. Once he decides that I can’t play anymore, I’ll leave him and even be in my 40s, and if that’s the case, it might be on any list.

Will appear in the first position in the game against the nets, James got the fourth time in his career is a punishment back to the dressing room, she admitted that the team has been too tired, the heat on the heat players frequent injuries make their lineup rotation.

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I will bring my talent to the south coast

One day in the summer of 2010, all of Cleveland, yes, were staring at the TV set, waiting, and her husband, who had been with the city for seven years, announced his decision. Of course, most people thought James would stay here. They were sitting in the bar drinking beer.

Look, TV is like every Cavaliers home game calendar for the past seven years, but it wasn’t long before that famous quote from James. I’m going to bring my talent to the south coast and join the Miami Heat. It’s coming out of the TV, and the whole Cleveland is in a state of consternation, and then there’s a roar.

Spread in the city, fans, take to the streets, curse James’s decision, treasure the number 23 shirt, ignite with gasoline to vent their anger, Cavalier boss Gilbert on the website.

He also cursed James, saying that the Cavaliers would win the championship one step ahead of James. On that heartbreaking night for Cleveland people, James and Blair lay quietly in their bedroom.

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Anthony’s meniscus tears after class

In the first quarter, Lin Shuhao sent out a rebound and an auxiliary attack. At the end of half-time, his data was fixed at six points, three rebounds and four times of success. Later, we are familiar with the story of Lin Shuhao, who had 25 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists.

In addition, there are some things in the 26 crazy tours. 38 points were scored in two crazy matches. At the last moment of the Raptors’ home, nostalgia boxing was only in my hands, and no tactics were false.

I don’t plan to go down the mountain in a more safe way. I just spend my time leisurely, and then at the final whistle, I will ring for three minutes. The total health data was 24.99.2. Later, the brother two things, let this dream like 26 games, suddenly came to an end, Anthony’s meniscus was torn after class.

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Auto Draft

It’s hard to get the coach’s trust for a regular performance

Yes, the lack of experience, regular performance naturally difficult to get full trust from the coach, from the concerned distrusted cold Toronto, in this cold way told McGrady to stand in the league.

Must work harder, although Yaning experienced suspension, but McGrady did not relax, not only hard to practice shooting, strengthen their physical confrontation. In the same year, through the trade to the Raptors team’s record gradually improved, Carter’s excellent performance, as expected, is indispensable.

But as a bench, the wonder of McGrady is also a big surprise for the team, the third McGrady began to play. Not only the defense is fierce, but also the attack is very impressive. The young man who was a little bit of a jerk at that time had grown up and showed it. Unfortunately, the Raptors were not McGrady’s team at that time.

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But the measurement of that was not allowed except for the three-point goal

As well as Beverly and Morris, the substitution without the ball is in high speed, and the high-quality completion in the tense state. The Nuggets have shown in the second game, their relatively improved team defense, but there is still a certain gap compared with the Clippers. In the last game, their focus was to limit the quantity, which allowed him to score 13 points in four out of 17. Therefore, the game continued.

In order to prevent him, but the amount of that in addition to the three-point ball is still not allowed, the attack has returned to normal, 13 out of 13, the key to 23 points, ah, is in the side of the helper George played particularly, the first three quarters took 27 points, the whole game 32 points, think about a few days ago he was sprayed almost social death.

But today, he and Leonard showed their ability to attack and defend together. I don’t know how many people are on their way with flowers. In fact, the highlight of this round has just begun.

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The structure is basically built around letters

Experienced, point guard George Hill also has, young defense, Devin clearly love you to see the Bucks line-up, which, do not give a thumb, they have high, high, speed and speed, three points good bench, deep enough role player, experienced several, the core will be playing in the year, and ah this.

This has reached the 2021-2 season. The letter has to go up. It is not empty. I have split the Bucks’ distribution of contracts in the next few years. Middleton’s contract has been signed until 2023, and then bradeso will sign until 2022, and then the great Lopez.

By 2022, that is to say, in addition to the letter, his contract will expire after the end of the next season, other people will have three more seasons. Therefore, the structure is basically built around the letter. He gambles and waits for the letter. If he wants to sign a contract, he can only pick it out.

I gave you, ah, last summer, I didn’t renew pineapple gerton’s contract. For this reason, general manager Horst was accused of being too strong to save money because blogging asked for 85 million bucks in four years, and he renewed bradsox, saving 15 million in four years. But I don’t think the difference between these two people is very big. Middleton and George Hill are already in the outside as small market teams.

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Under prepared, the clippers have deep defensive problems in their rotation phase

The lack of preparation, clippers rotation stage has a deep defensive hidden danger, and these two games are very obvious, once the two parties have to power off George’s attack, then other people can’t continue fire, so the defense side of the problem is completely exposed, in the third quarter leading 19 points after Malone called a pause, and then the Nuggets defense suddenly tightened.

The skipping flagship plane even scored six points, and his mouth was very embarrassed. The pork chop was not as good as he could when the Nuggets were speeding up. So coach rivers suffered from Harlem when he was about to enter the second half. The node at that time was 6:17 and the clipper had 13 points. At this time, fast food, George and Liang were both on the court, but the center.

After a minute and a half, Harrell went to Luwei again. Originally, this was their advantage. Their specialty was playing, rotating and using super substitutes to win the opponent. However, these two games became the beginning of the disaster. They were no longer the best sixth person. They were easy to pick, roll and lower body. He was in a hurry today’s article Zhao Liying.

There will be some tactical moves for you to see, how can you understand more deeply? In the offensive, ha, ray has no regular season average of more than 18 points, more than 18 points, ah, last game 16 points, this game 15 points, then in defense, we see, desperate to play a positive and Murray pick and roll hello and change rooms.

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