Anthony Davis wants to go

Anthony Davis proposed a deal, even if Owen proposed a deal, right? Well, we all support this amount and that one. I carry it with me. So now, if you keep this thing, you will be fined. I think ah, ah, it’s nothing for him to be fined 50000 dollars. It’s nothing to them. It’s totally for the interests of the players. They are from the perspective of players.

It’s the same from our point of view, but they make money and we don’t have money, right? Well, she said this to let all the teams know in advance. You immediately know that we want people all over the world to know to quote. Then, er, we can avoid some things, that is, providing objects needs to be operated in a dark box. I really want to talk about it. Maybe we won’t trade, right? So I want to do something like this, and then I’ll strangle you first. Ah, I’ll nip you to death. Now people all over the world know that they’ll start quoting now. What’s the benefit of this? Do you know? I want to let those things happen. Well, the team Anthony Davis wants to go to can be known directly and publicly. I won’t give it to you now. Come here quickly and take me back. Otherwise, it will provide choices. Alas, I don’t want to send it to the Lakers. I don’t want to send it to the Celtics. I’m so angry. Then I won’t talk to them, will I

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Anthony Davis in half a year

I don’t have the initiative in my own hands. Although I have the advantage of chips, I can’t avoid a long night’s dream. Ah, still, like the Laker team, come more practical. Ah, I quickly take the chips I’ve put out now. The bargaining chips are real, not empty checks. What you want now, I’ll give you whatever you want, right? What I’m taking is pure cash, cash deposit Mido, right? You want pants, Ingram, I’ll give it to you directly. Anthony Davis can buy a flight ticket and fly in. Right? This transaction is completed. It’s too direct. Right? You can see the cash directly.

Cash is the king, write a lot of empty checks. It’s useless. That’s why I don’t like the Celtic team. Ah, at this stage, or that’s the time. I can take Anthony Davis in half a year to next summer. Because there are too many uncertain factors, there are too many uncertain factors. So, ah, this transaction, I think, is for Celtic team Although it’s very similar, it’s also far away, ah, flowers in the moon mirror in the water

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Cousins hit embid!

There is a netizen who gave us a suggestion. I think it’s very pertinent to share it with you. All of them said that bromhidrosis is better. Your program, time, especially long, more and more fans will always appear, so, some low quality, low intelligence quotient. Ah, these brain pals slander and malice, attack and slander us, or abuse and so on. Ah, there is no way. You try to put your energy into the program, and don’t fight with them. You think what you said is quite pertinent. Ah, we can reply when we see it. The beverage is not about these fans and the occurrence of any, er, this interwoven. Ah, the one night stand between you and her, the more replies, the more he feels that he and she are particularly excited, you know, no ha ha, so now I’m for this kind of fans.

We just ignore it. Ah, I’m sorry. OK, let’s talk about Peter and Cassius today’s game. For example, we haven’t seen ha, and we’ve finished watching each section. I personally think that, ah, it’s a blast. What else can we say. Now, some fans, I think, just know this issue. I think it’s very superficial. It’s really superficial. How can we call it superficial? Ah, some fans just say that they say that they won the NBA, but they can’t play causing. I’m really strange in the NBA. Why do people have to snore, hit the hole mind? Kao, Sims, why, can’t move you? I really don’t understand. There’s a gap between the two. Right, play your own, your ability, your own skills. As long as your score data wins, you all have the advantage. This is your ability. Every ball in curry carries sandbags and rushes to the bottom of

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Pelicans are not for sale!

About the final landing of pick-up, er, before that, those things had to do with this matter. Um, there was a program yesterday. It seemed that he could talk with Kobe. Kobe, all teams cut to 40, hum, there is a slip of tongue, can be corrected, is to treat a certain Eastern team, ah, I have a little memory, forget to forget that, I seem to say the Raptors and the pistons took 40 late and very hard, I will correct it. That’s right. 81 points and this is a slip of the tongue, so I won’t say much about it. Correct it. A netizen left a message for us. When we see it, we’ll just say it. That’s the problem that the patrol team gets non-sale products.

We said before, the program, now, there is nothing for sale to be a dog. Well, the Jazz team, ah, take Huo, ledy. I think it’s a better choice, right? As for conlia, well, I don’t think it’s of much use, er, if possible. Well, give me more chips, and then, for a player who is affordable and durable, at least it is easier to use than the couple. If you want to attack and play in the backcourt, you have to attack. Then the Mitchells and you can know, um, the attack in the backcourt. Enough firepower

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Rocket in the air!

I just came out to tease some Hawking. Yeah, there’s Knight and a first round signing. It’s a protected first round. In exchange, Shante, a cadre and so on three risks are OK, the specific operation is OK, and then we always said that the Rockets need to make up three, three, three, three, and then we have been saying that the Rockets need to make up three, three, three, three, and three parts from the beginning of the season. Finally, ah, finally make up, now the Rockets, on a pile of three one equals three, look at the end is, big three or small three ah, is really, if it is a small three, ah, really is not enough to play, right, a project special I think it can, ah, other have no matter whether the project is the most important.

What about the players? Really, if we can make it in the playoffs, we can only say that Murray’s operation is brilliant, right? If it is, it’s better for me to say that ah, er, it’s better if I can’t play the ball. If I really want to play, the Rockets can’t do it, and the front is useless. Otherwise, you have to go when he is not enough. So, ah, er, I think Murray’s operation is divine operation. It’s really a divine operation. It’s worthy of being a fox.

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Durant’s heart will be more difficult,

In fact, it means that if we can keep it this summer. If there is Durant Island, Thomson must not be in the scope of consideration. Ah, unless both interest rates are cut, Durant’s heart will be more difficult, which is more difficult. As we have said in previous programs, ah, then I personally think ah, in terms of the balance of the district team or the league. Putonghua, ah, the league or Adam Xiaohua, ah, should and must have restrictions on this aspect. Ah, we need to deal with some, er, policies and regulations to purchase and restrict these players in the league, ah, group winning championship and so on. It’s better to sign for the players, right.

For this player, you can’t limitlessly limit his buying and selling of players, or set up a trade union voting organization to set up the balance of the whole league. Well, this kind of thing that stars come together and become popular is obvious. It’s not good for the NBA. It’s not good for you. You’re like now. Basically, in the past, you’re a star, a team, a star, a city, right? They have their own territory. Like this kind of bad team, ah, it’s a rotten one. After all, don’t talk about anything. Please, don’t ask for it. No one pays attention to it. The attention level is very low. For example, the pioneer Lillard has reached the fourth position in the western region. The media will vote for one vote. It’s just a joke. It’s just unimaginable. How could this exist 20 years ago.

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Basketball is not chasing stars!

Let’s say that basketball is a sport for young people. It’s natural to have blood and temper. But if you want to go through this process, you should understand some principles, respect these old people, and have awe.

Just starting out, young and vigorous, if you want to challenge Kobe, it’s the same as when Kobe was going to challenge Jordan. You’re very angry, Karl Malone. Get out of your pick and roll. I’ll take on Jordan, Kobe, even if you’ve been in the world sooner or later. In those days, disrespect, Jordan, ah, now Owen will challenge your position, right? The cycle goes on and on, so, er, only to a certain age, ah, I personally think, ah, only to a certain age, no matter the players on the court or. As long as you see enough years for the fans, I know more and more about this and understand more and more reasons. Naturally, you will have a fair evaluation of James, curry and Durant. Some fans think we are very good. Mean and mean to Kulia and others. Ah, we say that since you want to compare, there will be no harm if there is no comparison. If you want to compare, there will be no harm. If you want to compare, you will be divided into higher and lower grades. Ah, then the people you are bound to be compared with will certainly suffer.

Ah, there is no way for us to talk about this, er, this, negative, and influence. Ah, since you want to compare it, are you right? Be kind? Ah, we can’t come up with any problems through discussion. The debate will surely have sparks. We have always said, ah, what we are pursuing is this kind of real fans. Friends come to watch basketball, not to chase stars. Don’t put this star in your heart as a very high object

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including bucks and Celtics

So I’m not saying the Lakers should be very careful to get to eighth. If you hit the eighth page of the man, if you have the ability to hit the eighth, you should still chase after the seventh. If you hit the eighth, 80% of them may be swept. If you get to the eighth, you will be swept. Thank God. God bless God. If the Warriors sweep away the four strokes. If the warriors lose, we will admit defeat even if we lose, and this possibility is very small, very small. James every game is full-strength, and every game is 30 plus 3 pairs. This kind of small probability event can happen. Therefore, the Laker team should stand up.

The reason is that we have to rush to the seventh, ah, to catch up to the seventh torso. Ah, after that, the basic tasks and the basic routes of the Nuggets this season have been half successful. Ah, the success is more than half. So, let’s say that the seven people are, um, very much expected. There are four teams, including bucks and Celtics. We haven’t seen them yet. We need to have a good look. Ah, the Eastern Conference may be the rehearsal of the eastern finals. Now, it is possible. Each of these four teams may play in the Eastern Conference finals. Ah, no one is sure to be able to do this or this. Stable Eastern finals, ah, no one said, who will be able to stabilize the eastern finals, that is, more bucks, 76ers and raptors with high probability

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punish one ‘s own relations in the cause of justice!

Rockets are energy. Well, I personally think that even harden should be repaired. Is this a normal rest or. As for the impact of thinner injuries, I prefer that the Rockets may have to adjust. In fact, the fourth and fifth is not very important for the Rockets. Er, we can say that this position is relatively stable now. In fact, there is no big difference between us in Quaternary period. Instead, it has to be opened for a long time. I believe the Rockets still have the ability to play as pioneers.

Well, when you give Hadden some breath, the smell is there in the design. I really feel that harden is a little tired. The more you hit this time, when there are more than 20 games in the back, it’s very easy to get injured. You must keep healthy and healthy. The Rockets have hope. The playoffs depend on harden. It’s really a short time. I don’t think it’s necessary to break records continuously. Looking at Jordan’s record, looking at Kobe’s record, it’s a bit considerate of one thing and losing another, or winning. So, it’s normal to rest the ball, and I’m ready to dredge it. I didn’t expect to win him. It’s also very good for the Rockets. Is this, er, what we’re talking about, ah, PI Jitai, we can finish the bad luck and preparation in front of us. Now, we’re going to have a good luck. I hope the Rockets can play a good second game. Let’s talk about the Laker team. We’ve seen the ball. Well, as we said before, everything is good for the Lakers, but the defense of some young players is in a mess, including James. We emphasized that the offensive talent of the young players of the Laker team is there before the injury of James.

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Western clippers are in the East

It’s claimed that Leonard is going to the Clippers. Yeah, who’s going to the Clippers? Then anyway, the Western clippers are in the East, and the New York Knicks are. These two players are obviously going to grab big cards. It’s obvious that they are going to grab big cards. So of course. It may be that if you get the high-ranking draft right, because of your complicated high-speed grievances, it is not necessarily, and not necessarily, then the Clippers may also get all the experts’ learning, er, but this accumulated before from other teams.

For example, in exchange for the right to vote, we don’t know. We haven’t studied it carefully and then look at this thing anyway. Finally, if we look at the comprehensive evaluation, the clippers and the New York Knicks are the eastern and Western teams. The name should be strong. I love two teams. Well, let’s talk about today’s bucks team. Can we show you? Look, he starts now. After millotti brought it up, we always said that you must be a player we really appreciate. We mean, there are some players, we just appreciate them, not how big these players are.

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