Black eight! Miracle, miracle!

We carefully watched the game between the warriors and the Clippers in the last program. We also made a start. We thought about the classic cases of defending James against Durant and defending curry, and that’s how the whole league played, so defending James. As for the car wheel battle, James’s physical strength was consumed. James lost himself without a battle. Durant, ah, a typical case of defending Durant was Tony Allen. Tony Allen, ah, er, looked for confrontation in the whole court, and he didn’t receive the ball. He defended from the back court to the front court. Of course, Tony Allen also had this experience, right? Anyway, attack equals zero, right? Attack equals zero, so it was the same when Grizzlies played the thunder team. Tony Allen, ah, this is totally relying on defense to occupy the main position. Of course, he entered the company.

In this case, he finally fell down. Of course, he was close to Butler. Of course, he also relied on Reggie Jackson to save this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this was aimed at the thunder. Now I feel that Durant is so difficult in the thunder, so slow to react. I always feel that Durant is a warrior Ah ah ah ah, so Beverly is now also the legacy of the mantle, ah, he was given to this player, he, um, that’s it.

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he Rockets’ meeting kabela

first. The heart is the outside line has the projection ability, the attack does not take up the space, the warrior hits the child to be able to play as usual, is not similar to the Bucks big drop and so on all OK, then in the defense aspect, is a big big big extrusion interior line space, does not give the coffee, has any this kind of disclosure.

The possibility of space, the possibility of koshins is high and strong enough, so it’s totally for Bogut. The outside projection may be a little bit worse, but the ability of inside defense is still quite excellent, but the ability of special defense is also underestimated. Well, this group is also excellent translation. Fast wind monster is very timely, and there are so many key blocks in the case of warriors that crazy season with little playing time, but it’s still quite good. So, ah, two people are totally locked up for the Rockets’ meeting kabela. I remember what was prepared for kabela. Of course, there are still some things that can’t be replaced by kabela, right? Well, it’s not exactly the style of Fabio. I think it’s a crucial deal for Franco’s German to join the Rockets. Now shambaut hasn’t played yet. I don’t think it’s up to now. After dinner, my stomach was very good. So Gordon has basically sat in the main force and won’t go to the bench to play, right? You three defenders, tanks are the first set of main lineup in kabela. Now the attack strength and attack firepower of small guards are quite enough, and the small dress’s playing is also good.

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Wei Shao can win over the Blazers

Bombing opponent Wei Shao this bomber crazy bombing opponent don’t consider the hit rate, the hit rate is not important, kill the opponent to break through the inside line, right? As far as possible, I say, try to shoot as little as possible, break through as much as possible, and kill the enemy’s interior line as much as possible. Use your impact to impact your opponent. Today is 50% of the hit rate. I remember that in the first 12 middle schools of more than 20%, the 50% hit rate is more than 40% but less than 50%. I told you that it doesn’t matter if you hit the hit rate below 4000, right? You killed the most familiar one. The harm is great, right? It doesn’t matter how much you hit, because after all, if you want to improve your shooting rate by 5 percentage points or even higher, then it’s about one or two balls, right? Four kinds of stones and five kinds of stones are one ball short of each other, but they have a 10% shooting rate. Eight out of 20 and 10 out of 20, it seems that there is a lot of difference in the percentage of four and five. In fact, it’s only 4 points, right? But the damage you’ve done to your opponent, this kind of inside line, and the rich influence of bibimbap turtle can change the result of the game. Do you understand this truth? So.

It’s so big. The next game, weishao, has to do it like this. If you still think, oh, I’m going to cut three doubles again. I’m going to go back to my old pattern. Ah, 30 double mode is over. It’s over. Unless Paul George blows up, right? It’s not the British male model, as we said. What kind of smile does Wei Shao want to be his own? It’s a ferocious smile, crazy scoring, crazy bombing opponents. Of course, it’s possible for him to get confused in the next game. It’s also possible to return

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The 76th Raptors

Raptors, as a strong team, the Raptors are now turning two years earlier. In the past, only the weak and weak are there, and all the others have run away. Who else, ah ah, um, you are his fingers. Who else is there? Carol doesn’t, right? It’s over. Well, why are the lanterns gone? They’re all gone. They’re all gone. They’re all gone, right? Only passers-by is alone. Ah, all the others are gone. Ah, they’re all changed. Their whole team has been changed. They’re totally different. Right? A team is now a little leg. Ah, I really think that’s good. You said I want to fight against the 76ers in the second round, and we’ll see if it’s fake. Oh, speaking of this problem, I’ll tell someone later, what’s the 76ers? Coffee 76ers are tired and talk about CDs. It’s all fake. Star players, especially western Si, are finished. It’s over. It’s over. There’s no way to watch the game. There’s nothing to say about it. They’re all fake strong teams. All right, they’re all fake strong teams. They’re paging and losing to bucks. Ah, fake strong teams are the most common.

We are the best team in the finals. Only the champion is the champion. We are all the pseudo strong teams. This is really your opinion. I think it is irresponsible. Why is a strong team? There is no arrears.

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Who is the top four in the east?

Let me talk about the game between Celtic and bucks. Celtic, we know, is one of the best defensive teams in the East. Why should we say that? We don’t know what we think. Tears pen and so on, this thing is all flying on paper, just talk about personal views, we, the last game to verify, right, I personally think the eastern defense team, the best system, the best team, um, Wang yes, yes, I think. Before that, a friend told us that we played less hard battles. It doesn’t mean that the Raptors can’t fight hard battles. I also think so. And we have reached a consensus that the Raptors are teams with the ability of the finals. Ah, there are bucks, that is to say, wake up, dream dragon, we say.

Honey, if you play this year’s finals, will you feel surprised? I, I want to ask you, I feel, oh, I believe many fans, ah, or at least more than half of the fans, ah, the eastern part of these, ah, no one thinks that the East can advance forward, most of them are on one side. A lot of fans have seen me. Yes, this is the fact. I tell you why, because there is no less hairball, the most important point is that Raptors fans are less, right? But if you don’t see our strength, I can say that Menglong is the big tiger in the East and the most ferocious one. You’ll fight then. Of course, you can. If you see the hazy situation, you will be a hero

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Curie fans have begged me many times

Hurry up, the characteristics are different from those in the past. There are a lot of young fans. They are 13, 4, 15 and 6. They talk about the era of small ball. Do you know what happened in the past? You know, what was basketball like 20 years ago? Why do you talk about the difference between the present and the past. I’ve seen the game, right? Do you have any say? Well, speaking of this, I’m angry and talk about the era of small balls. Ah, I can’t help it. Ah, Curie fans have begged me many times. Ah, I’m looking for different features of the 3D new era for you. I can’t find the third one. Maybe you can look for it. Let’s share it. Don’t talk about the abstract things that some don’t have. Right? We talked about three things, two of them were real. What happened really happened? Did you think of it? Did you have? Did you have such incisive discussion? All five players have the ability to shoot long-range shots from outside, so the space is lower. The second point is that the number five position of the center in the inner line is shortened, and the whole league has given more opportunities and space to these teams to play mini lineups. Are these two points different from the past times.

Right, but it doesn’t mean the third point in primary school. If you can find out the exact definition of the age of the ball, then we will admit that there is a concept of the age of the ball, but you have to prove whether it was created by curry, which is a new topic. I tell you that it is impossible to prove it successfully. It’s absolutely impossible, because curry doesn’t have the ability to be an epoch-making player or even a player who changes the times and opens a new era

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Paul or Goethe organization

For example, if you join the team, if you still stay in the team or stay in the Rockets. Mm-hmm. harden, Paul and Gordon, there is an organization core organization core on the court, or a good organization, or Paul or Goethe organization. On the court, the ball is allocated to Lu Wei. He is an egg, right? It’s the dance. There is no tactics. If you give the ball to him, he will be forced to fight. Yes, if you can’t float today, the hit rate is right. Yes, this kind of harm is very big. Being caught and counterattack means being hit by the opponent one by one. So to speak, Lu Wei is excellent, but this kind of play is not suitable for a strong team environment in which stability is sought. Um, so, of course, it is also at this stage.

In terms of expenses, budgets and teams, is the annual salary of 8 million less? According to the lunar calendar, it’s a little less. However, if you want to give him 30002 million, it’s too much. Compared with Nb, these managers, these coaches, these operation teams, they are not idiots. They know this very well. If you give you 8 million, you will be worth 8 million; if you give you 10 million, you will be nearly 10 million; if you give you 20 million, you will be 20 million. This role is like this kind of team, which has a very strong lineup, the main lineup can be disassembled and used, for example, the warriors, the four giants and the five giants can be completely disassembled for use. Well, with Lu Wei’s, er, this kind of playing method, er, er, it has a negative effect and a reaction.

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curry and other players are like James

As a matter of fact, brown slapped himself in the face and mastered his own level, which can be regarded as a model. We haven’t had a competition yet. Look, some netizens have told us, ah, well, Leonard’s, um, 76, yes, how to make a large amount of housing? I think I didn’t say that when you watched my program. We say that only the super first-class players like Durant can limit the quantity of players. This is also the mutual fight, that is, you have half of me, half of you, right? Compare with each other. I personally think that in the case of such superstars, you can only do the limit only to a limited extent. Restriction is like restricting Durant. He cuts 40 and 50 and limits Leonard. He is like, you limit James. He doesn’t use this routine to fight superstars. Yesterday’s show also talked about curry and other players. We mean why curry and other players are like James Durant. Gap has its essence. The difference is that it can be restricted, and other players can’t be restricted. We compare James Durant, including lyonnard. This kind of player, ah, I think you can only let him play, you can formulate a kind of strategy.

No matter what he plays, you can only take good care of other players to win. Popovich is the magic weapon. Although sometimes, ah, we say, maybe sometimes we lose in the match or lose in the series

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Bucks fight Celtic for the first time!

There are too many games. I think it’s better to reach the East and West finals. You can have a rest. Well, I know, the more you do the playoffs, the more you read and do, the more tired you get. And the regular season is relaxing. Er, this summer is relaxing. It’s very tiring to play in the playoffs. Well, I’ll say, er, and especially this kind of semi-finals and semi-finals, you have to say, right? Because these teams will make East-West decisions The team of the game, well, if you don’t say it, talk about the bucks.

He had not finished the previous programs. He played last year. Last year, he played like this. Even though Owen had not got the seven, he was injured. Well, the Bucks, ah, the strength is not good. To be honest, the strength is not good. This year, there are great changes. Lopez, Mina area, a mess of people came here, anyway, they are very useful, this system is also very complete, right, er, Owen, for this set of lineup this year, you have to say, cartoon, how much growth? I think last year’s Pro this year can only be said. A little progress, how much progress can be made? I feel that the upper limit of last year is too high, right? The starting point is too high, right? Well, it can’t be cold. That’s it. Judging from his holding the contract, it seems that there is no amazing such excellent ability in his whole career. That’s it. Ah, we can’t escape the big contract or get involved

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Hardon in the era of the ball back three points!

Tell me about two things. The first thing is that I get up in the morning and see some netizens talking about the era of little balls. This long speech, by the way, the times have changed. It’s different in the past. Yes, I feel that it’s not complete. Watching our program or understanding ability is a bit worrying, ah, as for our program and the first thing to do, it is said that without this NBA, it has been more than 70 years.

Right? The times are constantly changing. Is there a problem? First of all, admit that everything is not immutable. There is a problem. No problem. How can we never say NB. In NBA, why does he not have the change of the times? No, I didn’t say that. We just discussed to instill a proper term in front of the era. Well, a small ball era is right. Don’t you add this thing. Your family is unscientific. It’s also a proper term. Do you have a description of specific characteristics, characteristics, if you can clearly describe them, OK is OK. If you can’t describe them accurately, then you can say that they certainly have. It will cause you to say, your, he said, his, ah, noisy, everyone can not reach a unified, you can say it is the era of small ball, I can also say it is the era of fast ball, ah, it can be said that it is the era of small people, OK.

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