Conley Mitchell’s random portfolio set up!

Just saw the jazz. From the Grizzlies, Conley’s comeback, Kovar Claude and so on. The price, ah, was the 23rd or 24th of this year, and the previous deal was completed. Ah, we just said that in the afternoon, right? We actually said the other day, ah, the Jazz team actually. In February this year, ah, I wanted to get Mike Conley from Grizzlies. However, we didn’t reach a deal. Ah, now it’s before the 23rd, so the transaction is completed naturally. Sometimes, you have to admire our NBA.

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Comparison, accurate prediction, ah, Michael Conley, gender can be admitted to the Jazz team. Ah, the Jazz team has played for so many years, but the main problem is still the lack of attack firepower. Ah, Mitchell is alone. Other defensive players are really playing in the playoffs. Good defense, you don’t have a certain attack ability, ah, but when you are clearly and defended, this team is very difficult to have explosive power. There is no possibility of more blossoming. After Mike Conley came to the Jazz team, he could solve some problems on this issue, but he could really achieve it. What kind of situation? We have to test it in 82 regular season games in the playoffs. We have played, 20 or 30 games. We have a preliminary judgment. After 40 games, we can have an accurate prediction in the middle of the season. We will wait and see.

Durant didn’t get the MVP

If you are wrong, there are problems with all possible trends. Er, I personally think, ah, this year.

PA according to the previous judgment, if there is no Durant injury, then Durant should be a candidate to change the league, the pattern, and it is worthy of controversy. His choice this summer. But because of Durant’s injury, the warriors didn’t win the championship this year, and Durant didn’t get the MVP. A lot of things have changed dramatically, so we can shake it now. Well, the pattern, ah, that is, Leonard, ah, where is Leonard’s direction, where is Leonard’s direction, which will affect the pattern of the NBA. Of course, it does not mean that Leonard can win the championship next year. What we mean is that Leonard’s decision affects a lot. The right decision affects the decisions of many players. Er, I personally think, ah, the probability of Leonard joining the Lakers this year is very high. He is ahead of the clippers and the Raptors. We have done about the Los Angeles twins in our previous program.

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You laugh at me! Actually, I have a lot of money!

Do a program about warriors, basketball and nets, Durant. I can see that there are a lot of comments on Durant now. There is no one on Durant. And Owen, after all, is Durant and Owen two people join hands to join the nets team, um, Owen’s role is too little, er, attention is too small, ah, assist Durant, ah, assist, Wen League first, revenge League bill, er, how to say, I think Owen. He’s a stupid kid. He’s really a stupid kid. Of course, if his friendship with Durant is higher than the sky, let’s say, right? But if there’s no good relationship in this respect, what about his decision.

Will be devout, decided, we directly said, ah, you have a lot of comments below, take the net fee about the net team to take off Durant and Owen at the same time, well, say the nets, total, champion, it’s hard for Wang Zujian to form a successful team, which is directly the championship of the finals.

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Shocked! Paul George assists!

According to the latest news, Leonard has decided that this summer, the Los Angeles Clippers, I believe many fans did not expect this is a god class operation, it is really a god class operation. Responsible, first of all, we have to be smart. We didn’t join the Laker team. We beat you, but we don’t accept the face slap of raptors fans. We don’t accept the face slap of you fans of the Raptors. We don’t accept the face slap of the Clippers fans. We only accept Paul George’s shirt? Slap face. We, repeat, yes, where Leonard wants to go. The Los Angeles twins are ahead of the Raptors. If I have to choose, I choose the Los Angeles Lakers because they are more competitive. Now the situation has changed, Paul George, God assist, Paul George.

The diamonds Los Angeles Clippers immediately raised the Clippers’ competitiveness to a new level, Leonard, and Paul George joined the Clippers to keep good. Now they wait for the family there and other people’s main line-up unchanged, but most of the team’s personnel remain the same, this team is quite terrible. We said before that if the Lakers can’t win, they can form with the thunder team to seek new education. But on this issue, the Clippers’ operation is obviously better than that of the Lakers.

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The biggest assassin in the East! Kill in the invisible!

To some news about Celtic. Kanter’s expectation for the whole team, eh, met with evil and expectation, well, how much for him, I and the club are very aggressive in the all star war. We can also see that the whole team is more united than last year. We know last year’s season. The team’s affairs have repeatedly fallen into, ah, the team is not united, ah, there are emotions, which cause the ups and downs of the fighter plane. When Owen is in, when you are not, the team is very different. Then, we can see the contradiction between them now.

With my departure, I think, ah, I personally think, talking about money, I personally think that, in addition to the 76ers, the elite of other teams in the East should avoid the Celtic team. Of course, if you want to run into the 76ers, that’s the way to die, right. So, in the final Eastern Conference finals, the 76ers are all successful teams. Ah, basically, you can judge my opinion on auto repair talents. Then Celtic team is the biggest stumbling block in the East. This team, ah, we must not underestimate it. We must not think it will be without Owen. What’s the situation like? Ah, this collapse is not. So you have to look at the situation in the east now. Compared with last year, the four teams have different levels and different levels, er, this degree. Well, the loss or the decline of combat ability, right? Xu Huang is the same. It’s due to the contract problem, right? The 76ers’ problem with Jimmy Butler, the Celtics’ problem with Owen’s departure is the Bucks, um, due to the capacity, er, the finals MVP.

Ah, the pig’s foot problem, so these four teams in the East have different degrees of decline. Compared with other teams, I personally think that the Celtic team should be smaller than the other three teams. You should know, the Celtic team’s gene is defense.

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The Lakers get Howard back!

I’ll see you, Howard. There’s no big accident. In the case of joining the Laker team, we did a program a few days ago. After cousins was injured, we made it clear that the Lakers will soon be around the corner. In the near future, I have forgotten what was said at that time. The Lakers must fill in one, and the fifth position of the camp will supplement the inside line. Actually, according to the general conditions, generally speaking, there are two camp centers and two camp insiders who are playing small balls. Nowadays, the league is playing small balls. Ah, there are these two players, Anthony Davis and McCarthy.

As well as, ah, injured, causing, Si, ah, those, enough is enough, right? There is no need to add, but we have said before that the Lakers should accumulate those that are totally different from the current playing methods of the whole league, and return to the normal or traditional basketball mode. When I shared with you, I once said, ah, in fact, the warriors heat, the three giants of the warriors, the four giants of the warriors, the four giants of the five giants of the warriors, the three giants of the warriors, ah, the five little deaths were a wrong demonstration in the League. There were only these teams. So big, and won the championship, other teams, the corresponding imitation is actually a wrong demonstration, should not be so long, the essence of basketball is still a tall sport, or a big sport, ah, so slowly will gradually return to the essence of basketball, back to the appearance of the basketball.

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In the East, there were mules and horses

Today’s game seems to be before we say, let’s first say that this is audio. Video programs are recorded together. So, er, maybe the sound is loud. It seems that video shows have little effect. It’s not so. The audience is not as large as expected. Of course, it is possible that our program is relatively dry. There is nothing. The colorful effect of this video, ah, is some simple and boring, er, this unobtrusive knowledge point, basketball knowledge. So, the news program of NBA, ah, comment, so, um.

Maybe, it’s not suitable, but let’s stick to it for a while. Ah, let’s see how the final effect will be. I’ll say, today’s several games, and so on. When I think of bucks, the 76ers, we’ll talk about gambling, Celtic, um, and this. The Pacers were also 12345 teams last year, 1234 teams. You can see, ah, we said, ah, we said again, although we said that we had played, a few games, now don’t judge, but Er, as long as I want to say in the NBA, you can pay attention to it. Yes, make a record. Ah, I can judge. I will tell you in advance. So you can see that, ah, only the 76ers are stable enough for the NBA. If it hasn’t been on today, according to the general logic, it’s for the Bucks, the heat and ER. But listen, for wechat business, in fact, all the competitions that should be won, the competitions that should be won, the competitions that should be won should be lost

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The Lakers play inside!

Let’s talk about the clippers and the jazz. Yes, I really hope you can listen to our NBA program. If you don’t like me, don’t call me, don’t comment on it. I’m sorry for our mood. We said last night that this is tennis, which is very important and has typical reference significance. But because Leonard’s rotation is off, the ball’s become boring. There is no much significance and this balance role. In itself, the Clippers captain is also playing against the Jazz team. He also saw that no opponent would be able to match the general or the soldiers, and the soldiers would have no interest. In other words, the experience of drawing the ball on which whoever wins or loses can not represent anything. No matter what the clippers win or lose, the Jazz cloud can not represent any basic clippers.

It’s Hu da. So we’ll reply to some netizens’ messages, that is to say, clippers, ah, there are a lot of fans who have expectations for him. After Paul George comes back, what kind of team will this team be? Some netizens think that the Clippers’ attack is very good. Well, heatstroke prevention is rubbish. Defense is very poor. When Paul George comes back, the defense is also improved. The attack is still so fierce. Then it is the champion of the league and the team

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Davis’s unique skill! Dominate the basketball!

Let’s talk about Anthony Davis. A question I asked before was about whether Anthony Davis was beaten well or not. Which one is good enough to improve the Lakers’ record and improve their offensive efficiency. In fact, this question. My temper is not very good. What I mentioned is not very voluminous and accurate. So, ah, it is difficult to answer. Even if I answer myself, I feel it is more difficult. Right? There are many conditions. Ah, there are many preconditions to be able to answer this question. Of course, our network friends and friends still have a lot of understanding. They are very wonderful. They are all in place. Ah ah, I saw that a netizen wrote very well, and then we want to come in and say, the main content is not very clear. Ah, the front paragraph is very good, and the search clues behind it are a little bit of a snakehead, but the overall situation is very good. Let’s just say, Davis is a point guard, but I don’t know.

I don’t know Anthony Davis, who plays point guard. But you can see his dribbling ability and ball control ability are very good. Compared with big players, he may like typing, right? He doesn’t like playing. I don’t know whether he likes typing or is used to playing five, as long as he doesn’t say. Guess, right? You have no way to verify this statement. Ah, it can only be said that some players will tell you what they like to play or what they don’t like to play

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James 40000 points is of great historical significance!

When it comes to James, it’s much more in the interest of the scoring king than in caring. You can play one champion, two champions. The king of 30 said that this is our NBA cobbler. That’s what we know. You can’t know it like this. You can hold different views with me, right? As long as you can achieve logical self consistency, it’s OK. Right? It’s ok. I don’t say that we are so powerful.

As a matter of fact, we also received the question of James’ history scoring king in the program last year. Breaking Jabbar’s record reached 40000.40000, which is a grand record. If we break the record, Jabbar’s record will have an opportunity to impact. If we have any chance, we should go and take this record because. Anyway, it is an integer. Recording this record is very representative. Ah, even if you reach 39999, there is a huge gap between its meaning and 40000 points. Why do you say that? Because we lose and remember this thing, there is a uniqueness. There is a uniqueness, this, uniqueness is very important, say NBA, a career for an athlete’s career may be as long as ten or twenty years, right, short 35 years, D is the super book has grown to 20 years, nearly 20 years, these 20 years, you have a lot of opportunities to win the championship.

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