introduction to oil painting color

Pigment is the material directly reflecting the effect of the work in the painting material, which is made by adding oil to pigment powder and mixing and grinding with glue. Most of the products sold in the market are tubular or self-made.

Oil painting pigment is a kind of substance substance formed by mixing and grinding of mineral, plant, animal and chemical color powder and blending agent flax oil or walnut oil. Its characteristic is that it can dye to other materials or adhere to a certain material to form a certain paint layer. This paint layer has a certain plasticity. It can form all kinds of shape marks and texture that artists want to achieve according to the use of tools.

The hues of oil paints are determined by the hue of the toner. Oil can make the hue of the toner darker and more saturated. Oil painting pigments play an important role in the family of painting pigments. The earliest oil painting pigments were born in the early Renaissance, usually by the painter himself or his assistant according to the needs of the direct grinding and preparation, and then gradually there is a special custom-made paint workshop, after the 17th century, the situation of the painter’s own hand-made paint has been increasingly reduced.

In the 18th century, oil paintings were sold in bags made of animal bladder. The mouth was tied tightly with thread. When using them, an eye was pricked with a needle to extrude the paint. This may be the prototype of lead tin tube paint later. In the 1830s, there were oil paints installed in metal and glass injection tubes, but this inconvenient invention was soon replaced by more scientific lead tin tube pigments before it was popularized.

Difference and contrast between hot stamping and heat transfer printing

Hot transfer press hot stamping and hot transfer of the difference between the contrast! Hot stamping and hot transfer of these two “twin brothers” have the same beauty, are suitable for clothing and textile category. These two technologies are often compared on the market, which is unique. Now let’s take a look at the difference between them?

Hot stamping and heat transfer between the two different lives!

  1. Color difference: the effect of pictures can be achieved by hot stamping. The effect of pictures can be achieved when the hot stamping machine provides clear original documents (vector diagram) for hot stamping. The effect of sublimation paper is not as clear as that of hot stamping. Sublimation paper hot stamping fabric containing polyester component higher color more vivid. Of course, it is also related to the temperature and time of hot stamping. The higher the temperature is, the longer the time is, the brighter the color will be.
  2. The temperature and time of hot stamping are different: Generally speaking, the temperature of hot stamping is 130-150 degrees, and the time is about 6-10 seconds (of course, the hot-melt adhesive used by different manufacturers is different, and the temperature and time of hot stamping may be different, but most of them are like this), while the temperature of sublimation paper is 200-230 degrees, and the time is about 15-20 seconds.
  3. The hand feeling after hot stamping is different: there is hot melt adhesive on the back of the hot stamping, so the hot stamping machine feels like something is attached to the surface of the fabric and feels hard. Sublimation paper is ink permeated into the fabric, so it is called sublimation. It feels soft and has no hand.
  4. There are differences in washing fastness: Generally speaking, the washing fastness of hot stamping is better than that of Non rising Chinese paper, but the quality of hot stamping is different. The quality of hot stamping machine is mainly based on elasticity and washing fastness. Sublimation paper does not have this characteristic. Generally, products like our company’s hot stamping class a products can achieve above class 4 washing fastness, class B products can achieve class 4 color fastness, class C products can also achieve class 3 color fastness (all can pass GSG test).
  5. The materials for hot stamping are different: hot stamping can be used for knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven, Oxford and other materials. Sublimation paper can only be ironed on light or white polyester fabric. The more polyester ingredients, the more colorful they are.

God class goalkeeper 215 Barca is here

The next day, no surprise, Allen again dominated the headlines of all sports media.

“Two consecutive rounds of goals, the best player for the golden ball!”

“The goalkeeper didn’t do his job, but his teammates praised him!”

“Ai Liang’s arsenal will be upgraded to destroy the opponent’s confidence directly!”

As soon as the report came out, a reporter asked fujiwari what he thought of ailiang’s speech outside the training field. He wanted to see fujiwari refute it, but fujiwari said: “no surprise! If he doesn’t want to win the golden ball, it’s strange. Don’t you think he’s a historical player? It can be said that when the captain votes, if I can, I will vote for Aileen first, second and third! “

With this speech, Fujiwara has successfully become the leader of “Ai blowing” in China, and has gained a lot of fans. In Japan, he is a strong advocate. In addition, there are a lot of AI Liang fans, and there is not much opposition.

Just when the fans all over the world happily played, the first leg of the last eight of the Champions League is near at hand. The whole team of Barcelona has arrived in London and started to prepare for the match in advance. It can be seen that Barcelona attaches great importance to the match.

Barcelona has a strong influence all over the world, and London is no exception. When they appear in the airport, the camera flash in the hands of media journalists who have been waiting for a long time is constantly flashing.

2016-2017 NFL cowboy vs. Steelman

This is called “fake spike“, which is a variation of “spike” in clock management tactics.

At the end of the game, if the leading side holds the ball, they must hope that the game clock doesn’t stop, the faster the better, so they usually use the running guard to hold the ball in the middle, or even the quarterback kneels directly to burn the time. And if you are like the Steelers in this game, you have to stop watch as much as possible when you are behind. The main way is to pass the ball to the side. But the defense side is not stupid. Generally, it will be very tight on the side. In the middle, it depends on the defense of the deep area, so that you can get short yards in the middle, but lose time.

Then the attackers can push forward the yards successfully, but they can’t get out of the field. When the pause left in their hands is not enough, they will choose to throw the ball. Drop the ball – pass failure, no loss of yards, loss of gears. However, according to the rules, the quarterback must fall immediately after receiving the kick-off. If he can’t observe and find that the passing chance is not good, he will fall again. Otherwise, he will be sentenced to an intentional grounding penalty of 10

Yard up, plus loss — attack chance, without stopwatch.

Goodbye, first Japanese

If you don’t look at the name, just look at the data, take Suzuki Ichiro’s data after 2011 to check, he has only one season that can be said to be above the standard, other seasons don’t say to be a hall of fame player standard, if he is just a rookie, this performance may not even be qualified to stand in the major league. But even so, Yi Lang has spent more than seven seasons wandering in various teams. As a loyal supporter, it’s hard to see him change from an all star to an ordinary player, then to a rotation player and a substitute. But who can blame this love of baseball? Yi Lang loves not honor, not applause, but just the sport, just the feeling of putting on his shirt, mentioning his bat and going to the court. Or, as he said, he doesn’t want to be in the hall of fame, because only retired players are eligible to be in the hall of fame, and he wants to keep playing. Just like in 2009, Wu Qingyuan, who was still practicing, declined the selection of hall of fame. But the time train finally arrived at the platform that must leave, and even the talented people had to wave away.

In the history of major leagues, players who get angry with bats after their performance fails to meet their own standards are like Ganges. However, those who cherish bats so much are only Suzuki Yilang who is regarded as an extension of his body. There are many urban legends about Yilang and his bat, and they are all true. For example, he will protect the bat at a fixed temperature and humidity, he will sleep with the bat, he will apologize to the bat for his problems and so on. Cherishing the bats and gloves, the body fat rate of 7% and the striking action of the signboard have been maintained for ten years. These things will not fade away with the increase of age, but become the mysterious cloud enveloping this once superstar as legend. But beyond these legends, or the passage of time, we forget the greatness of Yilang in his heyday.

Ice hockey rules

Each team has a maximum of 20 players. Each team has 6 players, 3 forwards, 2 defenders and 1 goalkeeper. The rest of the players will be substitutes. There are four referees in each game, two main referees and two sideline referees. 20 players are usually 12 forwards, 6 defenders and 2 goalkeepers.

Each game is 60 minutes, divided into three sets, and the actual game is 20 minutes. If we draw, we will have extra time. At the end of each game, the players change sides, that is to say, the first and third sections of the goalkeeper are on one side, and the second and overtime are on the other side.

In the ice hockey game, fouls will lead to the stop of the game and bring penalties to players or teams, which are mainly divided into two types, namely small penalty and big penalty. Small penalties include tripping the opponent with an ice bar, holding the opponent with an ice bar or both hands, and organizing a player without ice hockey with an ice bar or body. The duration is two minutes. The team who receives the penalty will play less and more. The duration of the big penalty is five minutes. In most cases, it is because of fighting, causing serious injury to the other players or continuing minor violations.

Is Curie the most restricted superstar?

When you watch the game, you only see that Curie is restricted.

However, they ignored the tight marking, double bag, three bag, one watch four couplets.

In Qiyong battle, choose whether to lock the bag library easily? Can the single defense and single defense library prevent it? Or can the single defense Durant prevent it? Is kudu hard to use? Is kudu not good to use? Or is kudu not good to use? Can the bag Durant? Can the same use of the pick-up and pick-up tactics. Refer to the 16 season, let Barnes, part of the five to four, narrowly won. Durant? Suggests losing directly. In 18 years, game3 has been packed 59 times in the folder library, which is really severely restricted. There is no touch at all, 11 points. From another perspective, if James, love and Jr can’t prevent Kuri from retiring, I think I’m better than them.

In the final, 27.5 points per game in the finals