Classic works of Edward Munk

Edward Munch (Dec. 12, 1863 – Jan. 23, 1944) is a Norwegian painter with world reputation. His paintings have a strong subjective and depressed mood. Picasso and Matisse have absorbed his artistic nourishment, and some artists in Germany and France have also been inspired by his works. His strong and appealing treatment of psychological distress had a major impact on the growth of German Expressionism in the early 20th century.

“Puberty”, “kissing”, “shouting” and so on are all the masterpieces of monk. Kissing touches the essence of life and the connotation of love; shouting shows the sudden stimulation to change all our feelings and impressions. The shouting people on the bridge in the painting have sunken cheeks like skeletons, and the background fire and blood color are like whirlpool in the sky. We can never know why the person screams, so this painting makes people feel more uneasy. In the second year after the cry, he painted adolescence. The naked girl sitting by the bed, with long hair and hands between her knees, showed her anxiety. His painting style is characterized by expressionism and also contains mysticism and symbolism. It was loved by the young German “bridge school” artists at that time.

In baseball, “pitcher’s bench depth” refers to?

In baseball, “pitcher’s bench depth” refers to?

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Look at the main question is drill a, then let’s say Gao Ye’s “pitcher bench” first. In the summer of the whole year, the runner up of Jiaziyuan, Xingling University, the most mature University in the whole day, that is, ACE aochuan Shengong, the best in the war. My colleagues also have two strong grade 2 pitchers (one of them is this year’s ACE) and another 3-year-old pitcher. There are four pitchers in the 18 person list (more people can throw), and each strength is extraordinary (balanced strength). This is the depth of the lineup (there are eight starters, plus at least two in the bench and two in the outfield, at least one backup catcher, and five places, so the four pitchers are really many).

Today’s gaoye is not an era of ACE eating for a summer, as described by andachong, Shangshan and Shuduo village. Modern gaoye pays great attention to continuous casting, so the depth of the pitcher lineup will be more emphasized. Correspondingly, in drill a, this year, Qingdao has shaggu and zecun as the first starters or two people can make each other’s relay shots, Jintian as the relay, and chuanshang as the first starter can relay and close the door, which is very good in the lineup (of course, the key game really needs to see the ace play of both sides). On the job, generally refers to the back-up pitcher in the bullpen, and the outstanding strength of the starting rotation. In the professional club, the schedule is intensive, and the first round is usually 5-person rotation, which is called the first round value. Line one is the ace pitcher of the team. In terms of contribution to the team, a good starter is less than the value in college games. However, the No. 5 starter is usually the one with weak combat power. It’s very important to balance the starting rotation, otherwise there will be a Cy Young ace, because he will cast more than 200 games a year, but there are 162 games in total. It’s not enough to rely on him alone.

Advertising creative notes

After reading, there are many things to say, this comment on the public number of the official account circle just saw, and said all the things I want to say, and encourage each other.

Time will not be bad for serious people, which is my biggest feeling recently. At the same time, I also like working with obsessive-compulsive people more and more. Such people seriously pay attention to the process, and the result will not be too bad.

When two people work in accordance with the same standards, they will unconsciously have a feeling of mutual affection, which I found in this book. From the content of the book, it has obvious guiding significance for advertisers who have worked for 2-3 years. You will feel that an experienced creative director is sharing his thinking experience with you. But I want to put aside the content, from the other four points let you have one more dimension to understand this book.

  1. This is a book published by an obsessive-compulsive group. It has no slot in the whole process, from content, art editing, to paper material, to printing;
  2. This is a book that can help advertisers who have worked for 2-3 years to summarize working methodology and build creative copywriting thinking system;
  3. This is a book that you have never experienced to exchange industry experience in a personalized way. When reading, you will not feel that you are talking with words, but with a person with distinctive personality. The domestic books of this type are Li Xinpin’s eight creative dragon books and Lin Yongqiang’s CD is not easy to do. The former is communication and sharing, the latter is teaching and dialogue, or there are essential differences.
  4. This is a book that can be reprinted and upgraded. Some books will turn away after reading it. This book is a person’s thinking process. As long as you keep thinking, this book will always have the possibility of upgrading and improving.

Why do baseball players wear so much

I’m a catcher. You think we’d like to wear so many clothes. When we train to catch and throw handball, we usually catch the handball without a mask (of course, we don’t block the ball that is blasted). But in the real game, you have to wear a full set of clothes, including the crotch protection and crotch protection. When you play the ball, you can directly cover most of your eyes with a swing of the bat. If you don’t touch the ball or play it out, it’s OK to say that once you wipe the bat, you can’t be sure where you’re flying from. What can you do to wipe the bat to hit the egg, wipe the bat to hit the egg, wipe the bat to hit the egg? It’s fatal if you don’t have any protective equipment. Players with less protective equipment will go straight Working. In fact, there are many things outside the place you see. For example, in catcher’s mitt, a glove is usually put on to dampen the vibration. For someone like me who has a thumb injury before, a protective device is also put on his thumb (here, I advise you to have a good catcher’s habit. Don’t be like me now, if you want to catch a ball, it will hurt a little bit). All in order to Safety, after all, is not to play hard not to.

Every part of a baseball uniform has functional requirements. If it doesn’t play, a baseball player may dress like an ordinary outdoor player, loose, comfortable and sweat-wicking.

There are clear functional requirements for each component in the competition. Although these requirements are not completely needed by everyone, they are more or less useful on the one hand, and uniform on the other hand. Let’s talk from head to toe.

First of all, the cap. Baseball often goes up to the sky, so the frequency of baseball players looking up at the sky is much higher than that of football in the same outdoor. Although basketball often looks up, it is mostly indoors, and the dazzling degree is not comparable with the sun. So a baseball player’s hat is not a headdress, but a necessary equipment. What’s more, football players choose to use hats to protect their eyesight, but because of the need to use their heads to head the ball at the same time, they can only give up. For goalkeepers who do not have a need for the top ball and rely on high vision safety, there is a case of carrying a hat.

The abstinence miracle of keeping the basketball classic for 39 years

AC green was born in 1963. During his 16 years of career, he played 1281 games in total and only missed three games. The absence of green was not due to his own injury, but because of the DNP of the coach, which must be said to be a miracle.

AC green spanned the two ages of the purple and gold team. From 1985 when he was a little boy with a magician to the age of 36, when he was the Lakers’ first starter, he played 82 regular season games and 23 playoffs with Shaq Kobe Bryant to win the championship. The iron man is not the name of the man.

Although there are some games after Greene’s palm injury, the coach has sent him to a symbolic last game in order to maintain his continuous appearance record.

But throughout most of Green’s career season, it’s really more than 30 minutes of continuous fighting, and finally set a record of 1192 consecutive NBA games.

Think about the fact that Qiang Ru magician also retired early because of frequent real gas leakage, which also makes us understand that iron still needs to be hard. It turns out that the boy is the real meaning of dominating the court.

At this moment, I also really understand the reason why our mortals are injured repeatedly in the basketball court – without the boy’s urine, we are all broken.

In fact, in the early years, Mr. Jin Yong told you this question through Zhang Sanfeng’s words in the story of relying on heaven to kill the dragon. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the insight and hatred.

After his retirement, Mr. Green was not only selected into the Oregon sports hall of fame, but also fulfilled his “financial dream“. The desert sports resort project he operated in the financial target company was also supported by the local city hall, and his career was brilliant

In 2002, Greene married his girlfriend Veronica, who had been together for 21 years, back home. It is said that the night of his new marriage was unprecedented.

What equipment do you need for heat transfer printing?

If only to do clothing this piece is also a shake head of the hot stamping machine, do not use direct pressure that kind of late is not worth shaking head is also about 1500. In addition to the ordinary color ink-jet printer, the blank transfer paper made in China is about one piece. The blank T-shirt depends on you. It’s from seven or eight yuan / piece to ten or twenty yuan / piece. It’s the reason why many people choose this industry in this season and the main reason why they want to be friends in this industry.

I have worked in this field for six years. I also know some of your entrepreneurial ideas, but I’m talking about it. Clothing is a good friend, but remember that only clothing has seasonal influence. That is to say, the industry is very popular in summer. Including like now we have a lot of T-shirts on our side every day. But after the summer there was no business in the industry. Friends want to do this.

If you have time, you can go to our Q log to see what we have written on it over the years. Hope to help you with the equipment is not difficult! It’s not hard to learn how to make with equipment. I want to teach you free here. But there are many things to consider to do well in this area. Don’t just think you can get money friends with the equipment. Do it well. All three should be done well. One design: how to make the patterns provided by customers look good. Instead of simply putting it up. Customers see the final results. You can’t attract customers’ eyes without good-looking design. 2. Technology, this piece of equipment is not what you think can be used. That’s not technology but operation. Technology is the principle that includes this piece. Skills, knowledge related knowledge.

Poor painter 02

The man said in a slight, hoarse voice, “Hello, Dean Zhang, I’m Huang Ning.”

“It’s you. Come in.” Zhang Yuanda invited people into the room. Huang Ning walked into the bright living room and looked around. He couldn’t help sighing: “this is a really good house. I live in a place half the size of this hall.”

“Thank you, please take a seat -” Zhang Yuanda asked Huang Ning to sit on the sofa in the living room, and he sat opposite him. After Huang Ning sat down, he smiled at Zhang Yuanda, revealed several yellow teeth, raised a bunch of beard on his lips, and showed some timidity in his eyes. It’s not like an artist. Zhang Yuanda saw it and frowned a little.

“I just came from the hotel – it’s very close to your home. Mr. Hu helped me book it, you know?” Huang Ning said softly, “he is really a good man with good eyes. He walked on the road and saw the oil painting in my shop at a glance. He was shocked and said that I was a genius! Later, he not only helped me a lot, but also introduced me to you. This is something I never dreamed of! “

Thinking that Mr. Hu is not easy to praise people, he can give Huang Ning such a high evaluation, which makes Zhang Yuanda really curious. He said: “well, Mr. Hu did mention to me that he recommended you to teach in our school, but to tell you the truth, there are a lot of applicants, you need to draw a work for us to see, so that we can understand your level and make a just decision. If you want this position, why don’t you go to the studio with me to draw now? “

Why is Picasso rich and Van Gogh poor?

Van Gogh was poor and depressed. Although he painted more than 900 paintings in his life, he only sold one painting in his lifetime and earned 400 francs Van Gogh committed suicide a few months later.

Van Gogh’s life is ordinary and full of loser’s life, but his paintings are colorful and full of various “lusts” for a better life in the future. From starry sky to sunflower, they all express Van Gogh’s deep desire for freedom. In addition to mixing with funny women, Van Gogh was left to drink to drown his sorrows.

Poverty kills: Van Gogh is mad! He cut off his ears. At a time when his brother no longer provided him with living expenses, Van Gogh, 37, chose to die: he eventually shot himself. Van Gogh died of poverty.

Picasso who died rich

Compared with Van Gogh, Picasso’s life is brilliant. When he died at the age of 91, Picasso left behind more than 70000 paintings, several mansions and huge amounts of cash. It is estimated that the total value of Picasso’s heritage is 39.5 billion yuan. Picasso is obviously rich. Painter, why Picasso is so rich? It turns out that Picasso is not only a painting genius, but also a marketing genius. He is also a story teller.

What are the advantages of outdoor advertising?

Outdoor billboards have become the mainstream outdoor advertising media, so where can outdoor billboards play the largest role in promotion and publicity? What advantages does it have to attract the masses?

  1. Space advantage

The most original advertising starts from the outdoors. Good outdoor advertising can bring people the most intuitive experience. Therefore, under this unparalleled advantage, it will last forever.

Whether it’s single media such as column billboards, LED light-emitting words, advertising light boxes, advertising walls, or hungry network media such as stations, car bodies, car seats, etc., the irreplaceable part of outdoor advertising is that it can often reach the masses that other media can’t reach.

  1. Time advantage

If you can add a deadline to your ad, I think most people will choose 24 hours a day. Among many advertising methods, outdoor advertising is undoubtedly the most easy to achieve, it does not need additional investment, but can be released 24 hours a day, the most time to spread.

  1. Geographical advantages

A good location with a good outdoor advertising, then the sensory experience is infinite stimulation. Because of the durability and prominence of outdoor signs, it is easy to become a landmark of a certain area, so the giant signs of the golden road section have become a must for some famous brands.

What is the development prospect of traditional heat transfer printing

The heat transfer printing process is of great decorative value, which can greatly increase the added value of products. It not only meets the requirements of pattern designer for product appearance effect, but also is suitable for mass production.

The heat transfer industry has been introduced into China from abroad since the 1990s. It is a printing process that has been rising in China for less than 20 years. Due to the relationship between image heat and traditional heat transfer printing, the image color of the finished product will be more solid than that of water transfer printing, and it will not be easy to fade. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fire protection, and can remain unchanged for ten to decades. Therefore, traditional heat transfer printing technology is especially suitable for daily necessities with special requirements for image retention Cosmetics, toys, stationery, tableware, electrical appliances, building materials, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration materials, food, medicine and other external packaging objects.