Haute Couture is the highest level of fashion.?Haute Couture?originated from the famous Paris designer Charles Frederic Worth, who pioneered Haute Couture?iron on stickers?in Paris in 1858 and eventually became the representative of the ancient French tradition of advocating luxury, which was named “Haute Couture”. And English will be borrowed directly from the French, “haute couture” referred to as “high”.

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The advantages of customizing your jersey

1.It can meet the individual needs of various consumers.

In the traditional marketing mode, clothing?vinyl letter number?enterprises often carry out mass production based on simple market survey and current clothing trend forecast. The?Heat logo jersey lettering?produced in this mode are either not in the required size, color, or style, or the design cannot meet personal preference. And individual character is custom-built subdivide the market to individual consumer, can ask according to individual interest, if cloth chooses, design of design, color is tie-in, design, design is made to order production.

The evolution of accessories

Through some archaeological documents, it is not difficult to find that people had the habit of wearing jewelry long ago. From the stone bracelets of women to the bright plumage of Indian heads. The earliest accessories are completely because of human love, is as a kind of personal pursuit of beauty on the basis of the physical carrier. The origin of clothing?decals stickers?accessories is a part of national culture, artistic origin and social progress. It should have appeared before it was taken

Clothing accessories

The appearance of the?iron?on?transfers?pack. When accessories are combined with human clothing, clothing accessories appear in our eyes.

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With the continuous development of society,?iron on stickers?accessories from the original pure pursuit of beauty, constantly given more meaning. The embodiment of a person’s special status (the decoration of ancient tribal leaders, walking sticks), the symbol of personal honor (MEDALS for athletes winning awards), the symbol of religious belief (the cross in the church), the embodiment of personal image (personal items of stars)…

From the appearance and decorative forms of decorative objects, practical needs or spiritual beliefs may lead to the appearance of some decorative objects, while the existence of objective beauty and its appeal to people lead to the development of clothing accessories, so that the types of clothing accessories become more and more rich and more beautiful.

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Common materials for car stickers

Lovely QQ

The?decals sticker?on the top of the fuel tank is beautiful to the point of detail

Stick?decals stickers?on the tank lid to make it easy to find the oil port at a glance when refueling, and at the same time, make this part different from other parts of the car body. When refueling, I would smile at the cute stickers.

Palm and foot prints are simple but colorful and of moderate size, just right for the filling port. Simple and generous patterns are available in a wide range of models, and they don’t make you look naive, no matter your age.

Hello Kitty hello Kitty is a cartoon image that most girls like, because it is pure and kind. And hello Kitty’s colors are the pink and pink and blue that girls like. This kind of?car stickers?on the body is to use silent language to tell others: my master is a beautiful lady, the treatment of girls can be gentle, so for me when the action is also gentle, careful oh.

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Wild style sticker

The rear window sticker is funny and funny

The rear window has always been the owner of the performance of personality “private plot”, for a long time has been attached to the “beautification zone”. Driving on the road, leaving behind a beautiful or lovely back, aftertaste.

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Basic classification of car bumper stickers

car bumper stickers?can be basically divided into three categories: sports stickers, modified stickers and personality stickers:

Sports stickers

Sports stickers, mainly refers to the car sports stickers, field RACES and rally RACES with different models and tracks, there are corresponding differences in the?car stickers. Rally car sticker design focuses on the team logo and the logo of the main sponsors, color matching and the team’s overall VI design style, in order to better achieve the publicity effect. Race car stickers often see flames, flags, waves and other dynamic patterns that add to the sport.

A modified stickers

Modified stickers refer to the colorful and eye-catching theme stickers specially designed for a certain model or product by various modification manufacturers to participate in the exhibition or promote new products on the exhibition vehicles. There are also a lot of designs that are the logo of the refitting plant and some of the refitting products, which are carefully designed and matched to match the refitted cars.

Personality stickers

Personalized stickers, according to the owner’s personal preferences and taste, the amount of car?customized personalized stickers. Sports, art, practical, all kinds of styles as long as it looks harmonious and beautiful, you can freely choose the collocation, design, to create their own style!

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The history of bumper stickers

On April 20, 1887 held in Paris debut of the world’s first car race, racing drivers have car side must stick Ming number to identify, this is the earliest form of?iron on sticker, after a long car and motorcycle event promotion, a large number of sponsors in the car industry, car body began to appear the sponsor advertisement nature brand sticker, we call such a car converted and sign posts, to say the car put the first pandemic is originated in motor racing; The great development of?auto?decals stickers?originates from the rise and popularity of the automobile industry in Europe, America and Japan. Car buyers are getting younger and more personalized. Due to the influence of young personality and racing style,?auto stickers?are popular all over the world.

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Notes for garment printing

When bleach is mixed with dyes that will not react with it in the same color paste (VAT dyes belong to this type), the color can be unplug printing. Thus, when a suitable yellow dye, such as VAT dye, is mixed with a bleach of a certain color, a yellow dot pattern can be printed on the blue fabric.

Because the background color of the garment?iron on transfers?printing is first dyed by piece dyeing, if compared with the background color is printed on the ground, the background color is richer and much darker. This is the main purpose of clothing printing.

Clothing?iron on transfers?printing fabric can be printed by drum printing and screen printing, but not by?heat transfer?printing. Because of the high cost of production compared to direct printing, the use of reducing agent must be carefully and accurately controlled. Fabrics printed in this way have better sales and higher prices. Sometimes, the reductant used in this process can cause damage or damage to the fabric in the printed pattern.heat transfer diy designs (2)

If the front and back of the fabric have the same color (because it is a piece dyeing), and the pattern is white or different color from the background, it can be confirmed as discharge printing fabric; Careful examination of the reverse side of the pattern reveals traces of the original undertone (this occurs because the chemicals that destroy the dye do not fully penetrate the reverse side of the fabric).

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Heat transfer and hot stamping

And sublimation?iron on transfer?printing, the printing material not like sublimation dyes can produce sublimation (evaporation), the printing material not printed inside the high temperature and high pressure in the slurry infiltration into the cloth fiber, although also can use?iron on? transfer?printing machine press, but on the surface of the “print” to clothing is something like a layer of plaster “attached in the surface of clothes.

Its main characteristics are as follows: the substrate used is mostly pet sheet. After printing the patterns of various colors on the pet sheet, hot melt adhesive should be coated on the back of the pattern. It is this hot melt adhesive that firmly combines the pattern with the clothes, removes the pet waste film, and completes the?heat transfer?printing process.iron on letter number

Advantages of heat transfer and hot stamping: plate making cost is low, the pattern level is full, the color is beautiful. Disadvantages: transfer to clothing after poor air permeability, feel no sublimation heat transfer soft.

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Heat transfer sticker defects

In addition, problems such as blue dots and red dots will appear in the printing process. Depending on the color of the?iron on stickers?product, different colors will have an impact on the degree of difficulty of the process. In addition to the defects of domestic printing equipment, it is difficult for thermal?iron on transfer?printing to be so clear on paper, because the material itself also has texture. Compared with the traditional screen printing technology, the cost is higher when printing in large quantities.

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Advantages of heat transfer printing


iron on stickers?Image printing


— traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, cannot achieve all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have clear color boundaries. In the middle of two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. However, many?iron on transfers?products need to print high-precision and high-complexity patterns such as trademarks and logos, so gifts and handicrafts are more widely used. Universal printer can perfectly meet the demand, fully reflects the strong market potential. Breakthrough screen printing, thermal transfer printing and other printing methods brought about by the bottleneck for customers to find a new profit growth point.


Professional use


— the universal printer can change the content and effect of printing at any time. One-to-one digital printing can be carried out without plate making. There are product codes on the metal nameplates behind many products, and each group of codes corresponds to each product. For example, the number badge and work permit of the factory staff can also be printed based on the one-to-one number, and the head picture can also be added. The process is simple and cheap.


Multiple printingcustom name stickers


— in terms of the printing industry, there are professional distinctions, such as the traditional printing of leather industry: screen printing with single color and simple transition color; Large leather printing machine is expensive and requires high material quality. Heat transfer destroys the material. The traditional printing method of the crystal industry is the crystal laminating process. Plexiglass industry is screen printing, metal industry is more use of heat transfer printing. So once you have a universal printer, you have a competitive advantage over your peers.


Thermal?iron on transfer?printing can be divided into plane transfer printing and surface transfer printing, plane transfer printing can only transfer the things of the plane, and surface transfer printing to achieve a breakthrough, to achieve any object can be printed. Meilun vision’s surface transfer equipment is to achieve any specification can be customized function, breaking through the bottleneck of the transfer industry

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