When it comes to this matter

Awesome, I called every injury back, and uh, super Siya people’s change. This time it may be slower. The main reason I think I think maybe Wei has changed his basketball concept. What is basketball? We know that Wei has a MVP. Scoring,

Wang, triple doubles, the triple doubles record that broke the record. Last season, we got another triple doubles per field. This season, we still need to get a triple doubles per field. But this season’s triple doubles per field seems to be a bit dangerous. More than 20 points, 10 rebounds and a little more than 10 assists are just the right data. In fact, it’s very dangerous. Sometimes, if a player wants to play with a mission, I’ll play for the rebound, I’ll play for the assist.

There are tens of millions of them. That’s right. This strategy and tactics may not be carried out, or I can offer them. Now it’s passed out. When I went to attack, I wanted to go. The boat didn’t change according to the changes on the court. Sometimes, the data were formed naturally rather than deliberately. When it comes to this matter, I thought that it was hard in those years, that is, there were a lot of them.

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