What money is there to cut what players

It’s an insult. There are five all stars who can’t reach the championship. What kind of basketball are you playing hard? I can’t imagine. Some friends say, er, we are right, that is, warriors fans. Sometimes we are right. Although five all stars are powerful, we can play garbage instead.

At the bottom, oh, I think the players who say this kind of words, or the fans who say a few words, I really think, do you want this face? After all five all stars start, what kind of buttocks do you want to be? Is it enough to give you 12? Go to pick her up with all your information pithy formula. Kat curry, Thompson green and so on, what money is there to cut what players, right? Other people’s salary cap is one hundred million, your salary to you two hundred million is enough, right? This is nonsense.

This argument is that very childish can say this kind of words. I think we should not watch basketball. OK, just play video games and it’s over. OK, this article turns over. Speaking of this, all the ball rights are given to the main players. Curry demands all the players. Durant wants to move, but Thomson wants to move. Igordala Green has been compressed.

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