There are too many young players in this team

There are too many young players in this team. He Jie continues to feed too many young players. There is no superstar like curry and Durant. But in fact, the construction of this team is, um, the forerunner of the era of five little dead balls.

So, this kind of team, he built the fleet in this way, the idea of a fleet, so this team is very handy against the team like the warriors. Why do I face the captain in every position. So, that is to say, we can live with each other. Well, it can be said that the warriors pull the balance of power in half. Even I can win you, I can also win ladies. Anyway, our victory is half and half.

The victory rate of the warriors against other teams is 78%. He only for the Bucks team, the winning rate can only be pulled to half, in the past we said there are several teams are also very typical, the clippers is also an aviation team, the whole league treat happiness, but this team are not fully grasp and winning rate.

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