The overall strength of the Warriors must be the first in the league

As I said before, this Corzine is going to come back soon, and I’m going to play the Clippers. Er, let’s talk about my view on the warriors now. First of all, the overall strength of the Warriors must be the first in the league, or even the super first-class team, the universe team. There is no team that can compete with the warriors, so we must say Er this. If you can beat the warriors, what can you do earlier? I think, er, if there is a problem with the core of the warriors themselves, for example, if you attack from the outside, there is no big way. You can’t beat the warriors. Even if he is not on the team, it depends on the big four. Well, it’s very difficult to fight with the warriors island.

In the environment of the western region, ah, such a team as the Rockets last year, this team can compete with the warriors to win the seventh place. I haven’t seen it. No team is like this, because last season, the Rockets played the seventh place only when they were completely able to compete with the warriors. In order to lose this game in the end, it shows that this lineup can compete with the warriors. But this year, for the west, you say that there is no such hope, including Max and the Blazers.

The Rockets are not the same young players as last year’s rockets, including the Lakers. Too many, only the thunder team, he seems to have a little bit of outstanding defense. He also defends to contain the possibility of the warriors. But if the referee really blows very hard, well, it’s very difficult to win against the warriors. That’s true. Unless the referee is a little bit lax and encourages the defense, this action is a little bit larger, right? If there is more confrontation, then you can limit the warriors. Ah, vaguely, only the thunder team of the warriors can compete, but can it be more than 12.

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