Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history

There have been four or five assists. You’re a bit scary as a center. Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history. How many assists can you have in the long term? Just take a look at Gasol. Let’s go and see what little Gasol we have.

Right. Well, king, it’s also said that he is good at this, er, that, ha ha, diwatts, right? There’s another right. Anyway, all these players go to have a look, including Professor Yue He Yue, who has already organized the entry. I have super many assists. Go and have a look, right? So it’s very excellent and amazing. Ah, once you have such players, it’s a tactical point, that is, it’s cost-effective to buy a tactical point with 5 million and 8 million . Why are there so many players and the high battery is outside. Ah, 2.10 meters, right?

Or two 082.10 meters, standing on the outside line can only shoot. There’s a contract, right? Nothing else, right? I don’t need to go to the inside line. I just need to attack and stand on the outside, which is a tactic. Why can my annual salary reach more than 10 million, right? I’ll get 10 million.

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