Is Curie the most restricted superstar?

When you watch the game, you only see that Curie is restricted.

However, they ignored the tight marking, double bag, three bag, one watch four couplets.

In Qiyong battle, choose whether to lock the bag library easily? Can the single defense and single defense library prevent it? Or can the single defense Durant prevent it? Is kudu hard to use? Is kudu not good to use? Or is kudu not good to use? Can the bag Durant? Can the same use of the pick-up and pick-up tactics. Refer to the 16 season, let Barnes, part of the five to four, narrowly won. Durant? Suggests losing directly. In 18 years, game3 has been packed 59 times in the folder library, which is really severely restricted. There is no touch at all, 11 points. From another perspective, if James, love and Jr can’t prevent Kuri from retiring, I think I’m better than them.

In the final, 27.5 points per game in the finals…. Besides, it’s not a good strategy to win or lose. Curie holds the ball for a long time, the scene is chaotic, crazy leakage, touching picture. Teammates give strength, it is awesome. Against the Raptors, no Durant, no Thompson, with a set of space moving lineup, facing the Raptors’ nearly crazy defense, 47 points in a single game. Easy to limit? The average score in the playoffs is the eighth in history, and the average score in the finals is the tenth in history. It’s really the first in history that the average score in the playoffs is more than 20 points. The two-point hit rate in the playoffs is 50% +, the three-point 40% +, and the free throw 90% +. Easily limited?