Goodbye, first Japanese

If you don’t look at the name, just look at the data, take Suzuki Ichiro’s data after 2011 to check, he has only one season that can be said to be above the standard, other seasons don’t say to be a hall of fame player standard, if he is just a rookie, this performance may not even be qualified to stand in the major league. But even so, Yi Lang has spent more than seven seasons wandering in various teams. As a loyal supporter, it’s hard to see him change from an all star to an ordinary player, then to a rotation player and a substitute. But who can blame this love of baseball? Yi Lang loves not honor, not applause, but just the sport, just the feeling of putting on his shirt, mentioning his bat and going to the court. Or, as he said, he doesn’t want to be in the hall of fame, because only retired players are eligible to be in the hall of fame, and he wants to keep playing. Just like in 2009, Wu Qingyuan, who was still practicing, declined the selection of hall of fame. But the time train finally arrived at the platform that must leave, and even the talented people had to wave away.

In the history of major leagues, players who get angry with bats after their performance fails to meet their own standards are like Ganges. However, those who cherish bats so much are only Suzuki Yilang who is regarded as an extension of his body. There are many urban legends about Yilang and his bat, and they are all true. For example, he will protect the bat at a fixed temperature and humidity, he will sleep with the bat, he will apologize to the bat for his problems and so on. Cherishing the bats and gloves, the body fat rate of 7% and the striking action of the signboard have been maintained for ten years. These things will not fade away with the increase of age, but become the mysterious cloud enveloping this once superstar as legend. But beyond these legends, or the passage of time, we forget the greatness of Yilang in his heyday.