God class goalkeeper 215 Barca is here

The next day, no surprise, Allen again dominated the headlines of all sports media.

“Two consecutive rounds of goals, the best player for the golden ball!”

“The goalkeeper didn’t do his job, but his teammates praised him!”

“Ai Liang’s arsenal will be upgraded to destroy the opponent’s confidence directly!”

As soon as the report came out, a reporter asked fujiwari what he thought of ailiang’s speech outside the training field. He wanted to see fujiwari refute it, but fujiwari said: “no surprise! If he doesn’t want to win the golden ball, it’s strange. Don’t you think he’s a historical player? It can be said that when the captain votes, if I can, I will vote for Aileen first, second and third! “

With this speech, Fujiwara has successfully become the leader of “Ai blowing” in China, and has gained a lot of fans. In Japan, he is a strong advocate. In addition, there are a lot of AI Liang fans, and there is not much opposition.

Just when the fans all over the world happily played, the first leg of the last eight of the Champions League is near at hand. The whole team of Barcelona has arrived in London and started to prepare for the match in advance. It can be seen that Barcelona attaches great importance to the match.

Barcelona has a strong influence all over the world, and London is no exception. When they appear in the airport, the camera flash in the hands of media journalists who have been waiting for a long time is constantly flashing.