Difference and contrast between hot stamping and heat transfer printing

Hot transfer press hot stamping and hot transfer of the difference between the contrast! Hot stamping and hot transfer of these two “twin brothers” have the same beauty, are suitable for clothing and textile category. These two technologies are often compared on the market, which is unique. Now let’s take a look at the difference between them?

Hot stamping and heat transfer between the two different lives!

  1. Color difference: the effect of pictures can be achieved by hot stamping. The effect of pictures can be achieved when the hot stamping machine provides clear original documents (vector diagram) for hot stamping. The effect of sublimation paper is not as clear as that of hot stamping. Sublimation paper hot stamping fabric containing polyester component higher color more vivid. Of course, it is also related to the temperature and time of hot stamping. The higher the temperature is, the longer the time is, the brighter the color will be.
  2. The temperature and time of hot stamping are different: Generally speaking, the temperature of hot stamping is 130-150 degrees, and the time is about 6-10 seconds (of course, the hot-melt adhesive used by different manufacturers is different, and the temperature and time of hot stamping may be different, but most of them are like this), while the temperature of sublimation paper is 200-230 degrees, and the time is about 15-20 seconds.
  3. The hand feeling after hot stamping is different: there is hot melt adhesive on the back of the hot stamping, so the hot stamping machine feels like something is attached to the surface of the fabric and feels hard. Sublimation paper is ink permeated into the fabric, so it is called sublimation. It feels soft and has no hand.
  4. There are differences in washing fastness: Generally speaking, the washing fastness of hot stamping is better than that of Non rising Chinese paper, but the quality of hot stamping is different. The quality of hot stamping machine is mainly based on elasticity and washing fastness. Sublimation paper does not have this characteristic. Generally, products like our company’s hot stamping class a products can achieve above class 4 washing fastness, class B products can achieve class 4 color fastness, class C products can also achieve class 3 color fastness (all can pass GSG test).
  5. The materials for hot stamping are different: hot stamping can be used for knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven, Oxford and other materials. Sublimation paper can only be ironed on light or white polyester fabric. The more polyester ingredients, the more colorful they are.