Classic works of Edward Munk

Edward Munch (Dec. 12, 1863 – Jan. 23, 1944) is a Norwegian painter with world reputation. His paintings have a strong subjective and depressed mood. Picasso and Matisse have absorbed his artistic nourishment, and some artists in Germany and France have also been inspired by his works. His strong and appealing treatment of psychological distress had a major impact on the growth of German Expressionism in the early 20th century.

Puberty”, “kissing”, “shouting” and so on are all the masterpieces of monk. Kissing touches the essence of life and the connotation of love; shouting shows the sudden stimulation to change all our feelings and impressions. The shouting people on the bridge in the painting have sunken cheeks like skeletons, and the background fire and blood color are like whirlpool in the sky. We can never know why the person screams, so this painting makes people feel more uneasy. In the second year after the cry, he painted adolescence. The naked girl sitting by the bed, with long hair and hands between her knees, showed her anxiety. His painting style is characterized by expressionism and also contains mysticism and symbolism. It was loved by the young German “bridge school” artists at that time.