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There are too many young players in this team

There are too many young players in this team. He Jie continues to feed too many young players. There is no superstar like curry and Durant. But in fact, the construction of this team is, um, the forerunner of the era of five little dead balls.

So, this kind of team, he built the fleet in this way, the idea of a fleet, so this team is very handy against the team like the warriors. Why do I face the captain in every position. So, that is to say, we can live with each other. Well, it can be said that the warriors pull the balance of power in half. Even I can win you, I can also win ladies. Anyway, our victory is half and half.

The victory rate of the warriors against other teams is 78%. He only for the Bucks team, the winning rate can only be pulled to half, in the past we said there are several teams are also very typical, the clippers is also an aviation team, the whole league treat happiness, but this team are not fully grasp and winning rate.

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No matter from the composition of the personnel or tactics

Yes, the Rockets, too bad, now the Rockets, no matter from the composition of the personnel or tactics, are quite backward, and those who scramble into Kazakhstan can’t bring it. I think Kobe Bryant in 2006 also led the Laker team. It’s true.

Ah Dou, who can’t help himself, can’t be used as much as he can. Kobe is better than Kobe. He averages 35 per game. It’s just that after the first round of the playoffs, he entered the playoffs and was kicked out. What can I do. Now, in the era of the big three, the big four, and even, no, no giant, it’s too difficult for us to look at one person of ha ha. Harden, we are about equal to Kobe’s analogy with Kobe, although, er, this size is less than Kobe.

High height, but in terms of personal scoring ability, harden’s, er, and Kobe’s, er, how to say, are relatively close, er, it’s a little unsatisfactory, but it’s also very excellent. It seems that he has now reached the position of scoring king with an average of 31.5 points per game, and the second place is Durant’s third place.

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What else can I do to mean 889 harden 20 and the rest four players are close to 20

Kabila, 189 points, right? What else can I do to mean 889 harden 20 and the rest four players are close to 20. They can kneel and lose the ball. Right. Rockets are not the problem now. Many problems, I don’t want to admit defeat, but I don’t believe in today’s game. After this game, de Anthony made a clear statement that the Rockets are not deep enough now, and Ariza is less.

Well, the model has a huge impact on the Rockets. Ah, make complaints about our previous statement. We also make complaints about the Rockets in the program. Some anchor commentators say that Aliza Ba Mott really has such a big impact on the Rockets.

Now I don’t need to say anything. DAntoni has directly proved our view. What else do you have? What else can I say is that the missing position 3 of rockets is an indisputable fact. It is not to say you have one, one of the main forces is missing and two less. I’m sorry to answer a call. My friend said why you always interrupt. I always have a phone call. It is really too busy.

Most of the ball control time is done by himself

Simmons is a small forward, an organized small forward, James’ template. What position is James? Some people say that James is in the No. 1 position? He does this job, but he is not in this position. If he tries his best to work in the No. 1 position, it will not be able to achieve its maximum value. The reason for this is very simple.

James is too heavy. If he really wants to play No.1, his ability to run without the ball and fight alone will be greatly reduced. Because his physical fitness is not guaranteed, you have to ask him to work and organize. It’s also justice No.1. He gets every ball. Hand James is the same whether he’s in the Cavaliers, the heat or the current Lakers. He’s in the No.3 position. Most of the ball control time is done by himself, and a small part of the ball control time is done by justice point guard. But part of it is physical fitness.

This is James’s correct way of playing. James can never play in the first position. He is completely in charge of the ball. Even if he has the ability now, he will not do it because his value can not be reflected in the position above the court.

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The opponent has to play normally

Ah, the standard configuration of harden, plus, kabela, now kabela, the market average, 15 points. Kabela has played very well this season, good, the average is now 178 points. Before, after watching it, you must play 95 points plus 10 rebounds. This is also your standard configuration, and you have to play a little bit.

The opponent still can’t play. The opponent has to play normally. Rockets, it’s possible to win. As we said before, it’s a cliche. If one of the three people doesn’t play, he’s up or he’s out, Paul’s out and so on, 50 companies can’t win the game, 40 companies can’t win the game, 34 companies can’t win the game, and 50 companies can’t win the game. Some friends said that if the Internet is not available, it means that there is no Paul, right? Paul is on the Internet now, and if he still loses on Mars, it means that there is no Paul. I can’t say that Paul is prepared for the playoffs.

Look at today’s game, no one can play well. It’s not Paul alone. How many hardens are there. The hit rate, Capella how many minutes, Capella 67%, seriously ill a look to pick up hardenburg into the space, 67% variety green, you see today’s play, how many today Paul, in addition to where also McAvoy, ah, hit rate can be higher than Paul, other characters are all under him.

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When it comes to this matter

Awesome, I called every injury back, and uh, super Siya people’s change. This time it may be slower. The main reason I think I think maybe Wei has changed his basketball concept. What is basketball? We know that Wei has a MVP. Scoring,

Wang, triple doubles, the triple doubles record that broke the record. Last season, we got another triple doubles per field. This season, we still need to get a triple doubles per field. But this season’s triple doubles per field seems to be a bit dangerous. More than 20 points, 10 rebounds and a little more than 10 assists are just the right data. In fact, it’s very dangerous. Sometimes, if a player wants to play with a mission, I’ll play for the rebound, I’ll play for the assist.

There are tens of millions of them. That’s right. This strategy and tactics may not be carried out, or I can offer them. Now it’s passed out. When I went to attack, I wanted to go. The boat didn’t change according to the changes on the court. Sometimes, the data were formed naturally rather than deliberately. When it comes to this matter, I thought that it was hard in those years, that is, there were a lot of them.

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These players all have personal

The feeling is, er, the feeling of being on duty is that although the team doesn’t cooperate a lot, the players’ singles ability is pretty good. These players all have personal breakthrough ability and are very accurate in three-point shooting, except for letters and songs. Big Lopez, let’s say it or not.

He, er, as the big brother, asked for help. The 3-point shooting rate of 3 times 63 times 7 is not too low. It’s not too low. Several other tribes, Gordon Middleton, including Brad southnell and Michael. The three-point hit rate of no class is quite high. Some personnel are more than 40%.

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The Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals

Can you believe that curry is so strong now? Can you believe that curry led the Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals? Ah, can you believe it? Well, if we don’t say this year, we’ll just say curry is the strongest in curry.

So what we’re saying is that we can make an analogy based on the actual situation, and we can make an analogy based on combat ability. You don’t deserve to compare with James in terms of comprehensive ability, omnipotence and attributes.

Is that wrong? You think you can lead the Cavaliers in 2007 to play in the finals? First ask Duncan. You first ask, Kobe fans, ah, Kobe fans will be the champion next year. You ask, Kobe fans can’t pass it. Are you interested? Ask, Kobe fans have wiped out Kobe fans. Besides, what kind of players in curry, do we need to talk more about.

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What money is there to cut what players

It’s an insult. There are five all stars who can’t reach the championship. What kind of basketball are you playing hard? I can’t imagine. Some friends say, er, we are right, that is, warriors fans. Sometimes we are right. Although five all stars are powerful, we can play garbage instead.

At the bottom, oh, I think the players who say this kind of words, or the fans who say a few words, I really think, do you want this face? After all five all stars start, what kind of buttocks do you want to be? Is it enough to give you 12? Go to pick her up with all your information pithy formula. Kat curry, Thompson green and so on, what money is there to cut what players, right? Other people’s salary cap is one hundred million, your salary to you two hundred million is enough, right? This is nonsense.

This argument is that very childish can say this kind of words. I think we should not watch basketball. OK, just play video games and it’s over. OK, this article turns over. Speaking of this, all the ball rights are given to the main players. Curry demands all the players. Durant wants to move, but Thomson wants to move. Igordala Green has been compressed.

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Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history

There have been four or five assists. You’re a bit scary as a center. Let’s go and see how many centers can pass the ball in history. How many assists can you have in the long term? Just take a look at Gasol. Let’s go and see what little Gasol we have.

Right. Well, king, it’s also said that he is good at this, er, that, ha ha, diwatts, right? There’s another right. Anyway, all these players go to have a look, including Professor Yue He Yue, who has already organized the entry. I have super many assists. Go and have a look, right? So it’s very excellent and amazing. Ah, once you have such players, it’s a tactical point, that is, it’s cost-effective to buy a tactical point with 5 million and 8 million . Why are there so many players and the high battery is outside. Ah, 2.10 meters, right?

Or two 082.10 meters, standing on the outside line can only shoot. There’s a contract, right? Nothing else, right? I don’t need to go to the inside line. I just need to attack and stand on the outside, which is a tactic. Why can my annual salary reach more than 10 million, right? I’ll get 10 million.

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