Advertising creative notes

After reading, there are many things to say, this comment on the public number of the official account circle just saw, and said all the things I want to say, and encourage each other.

Time will not be bad for serious people, which is my biggest feeling recently. At the same time, I also like working with obsessive-compulsive people more and more. Such people seriously pay attention to the process, and the result will not be too bad.

When two people work in accordance with the same standards, they will unconsciously have a feeling of mutual affection, which I found in this book. From the content of the book, it has obvious guiding significance for advertisers who have worked for 2-3 years. You will feel that an experienced creative director is sharing his thinking experience with you. But I want to put aside the content, from the other four points let you have one more dimension to understand this book.

  1. This is a book published by an obsessive-compulsive group. It has no slot in the whole process, from content, art editing, to paper material, to printing;
  2. This is a book that can help advertisers who have worked for 2-3 years to summarize working methodology and build creative copywriting thinking system;
  3. This is a book that you have never experienced to exchange industry experience in a personalized way. When reading, you will not feel that you are talking with words, but with a person with distinctive personality. The domestic books of this type are Li Xinpin’s eight creative dragon books and Lin Yongqiang’s CD is not easy to do. The former is communication and sharing, the latter is teaching and dialogue, or there are essential differences.
  4. This is a book that can be reprinted and upgraded. Some books will turn away after reading it. This book is a person’s thinking process. As long as you keep thinking, this book will always have the possibility of upgrading and improving.