Funny and Creative Color Run Team Names

Are you participating in a color race like the Color Me Rad 5k or The Color Run, and need a creative team name (team name iron on sticker) for your color run t-shirts? We’ve compiled a list of clever and funny names just for you! So check ’em out, pick one, and stand out amongst the crowd with your new, colorful color run team name!

Creative and Fun Color Run Team Names

Get Fit or Dye Tryin’

Taste the Rainbow

Cray Cray Crayola

Pigmentation Party

Do or Dye

Rainbow Rockets

Rainbow Connection

Dye Me a River

A Running Canvas

Sour Patch Kids

Dye Dye Birdie


These Colors Don’t Run. Oh wait…

Powder to the People

Team Skittles

Ink Me!

Rad Rookies

Picasso Prancers

Paint, Paint, Paint Your Tees

Will Run for Color

Blue Past You

Hue Gonna Catch Up?

Dye Hard

Splatter Sprinters

5 Sweet Tees that Represent the UK

What makes the UK great? Putting all our moaning about the weather and the economy to one side, it’s really not a bad place to live. One great man once said:

“We may be a small country, but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, The Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham‘s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.”

If that doesn’t get the hairs on the back of your neck tingling then you are probably not British. The cultured among you may have realised that the great man who uttered those stirring words was Hugh Grant, playing the British Prime Minister in Richard Curtis’ Love Actually. Both these chaps are Great Britons and worthy of a tilt of your cap.

As Hugh rightfully mentioned we have, as a nation, given the world some incredible characters.

The music and film industries are littered with Britons who have taken the world by storm. We have already waxed lyrical about The Beatles in our homage to T-shirt Printing in Liverpool, along with Oasis from Manchester and Massive Attack in Bristol, but there is one British band that is yet to be mentioned and it’s there that I’ll kick off our Top 5 T-shirts that Represent the UK (custom t shirt printing):

1. Rolling Stones

This T-shirt must be one of the best British fashion exports, and is iconic of the rebellious attitude that the band and their followers promoted. Following The Beatles, The Rolling Stones were marketed as the complete opposite to their, apparently, straight-laced northern contemporaries, causing controversy whenever they took to the stage. Despite their wild lifestyles The Stones are still rolling and, with Mick Jagger celebrating his 100th birthday next year and Keith Richards looking good for 120, it seems their music is as timeless as this classic T-shirt.

2. The Who

Controversially I am going for another band T-shirt for my second choice. Don’t hate. I thought it important to incorporate the red white and blue somewhere in the countdown without selling my soul and presenting you with a typical straight-off-the-stall touristy number. You deserve better than that, so here it is. Like The Stones, The Who harnessed the discontent of a generation that just wanted to wear parkers, ride Lambrettas (with an unsafe number of mirrors attached) and get beaten up on Brighton beach. And who are we to say no to that?

3. Wales Rugby

At Printsome we believe in an inclusive blog post, therefore, in the spirit of political correctness, I would like to introduce the Wales Rugby T-shirt. The premise for this blog post was that the T-shirts had to represent the UK and actually be desirable to own or wear. In that case I would like to point out that although this T-shirt (iron on stickers) could be accused of being plain, I can reference our guides on designing an awesome tee and remind you that simple is often better. The Welsh are rugby mad and, as a proud English rugby fan, I would personally like to thank them for basically winning us the Lions series. Cheers.

4. Irn Bru

Britain’s greatest ever Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy, would probably agree with me when I say that this Irn Bru cycling T-shirt is worthy of its inclusion in my top five. Irn Bru is patriotically consumed by Scots in huge quantities, in fact it’s one of the only countries in the world where Coca-Cola is not the best selling soft drink. With all that energy drink knocking about, it’s no wonder Scotland has produced some of the best British athletes in recent years: who can forget Andy Murray lifting the Wimbledon trophy and, of course, Sir Chris himself becoming Britain’s most successful Olympian at London 2012.

5. George Best 7

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered,” are the famous words of another Briton. George Best was arguably the best footballer ever to hail from our shores, playing for Manchester United and Northern Ireland in a career unfortunately plagued by disruption off the field. Despite his troubles, Best remains a cult hero on both sides of the Irish Sea, remembered fondly as one third of the Holy Trinity along with footballing legends Denis Law and Sir Bobby Charlton.

Did I miss any out? If so give me a shout (comment)!

Important tips to make your online printing business thrive

Most of the B2B print business owners do not see their website as a marketing tool. It is important to understand that as your prospects are online, the lead generation also has to be done online. Salespeople at most of the print companies have to do everything right from generating leads and nurturing them to managing customer’s current deals and closing them. But they are not the only ones who are responsible for making your print business flourish. Several other professionals including web developers, designers, accountants as well as SEO experts have to play a significant role. So what should be your priorities like when you want your online printing business to be successful? Take a look at some pointers given below.


Getting found should be the first priority for any online printing business. The online presence of your website should be developed and managed in such a way that your prospects and customers can find your website. Being one of the top ten companies on the first page of Google is a dream come true for most of the companies.

In order to make sure that customers find your presence, you must learn the art of SEO.

And needless to say, it starts with making a keyword strategy. Everything that you do online must be targeted around these keywords. Apart from keywords, several other search factors are considered to be important including the freshness of your website, design responsiveness, meta tag optimization, conversion ratio etc. If you haven’t strategized the above mentioned SEO aspects, do not start with any website project.


Some websites look great, narrate inspiring stories and have their SEO optimization right in place. But they tend to forget the most important aspect of their business, which is – conversion. If you are a B2C website, you would just want the visitors to buy your product. But if you have a B2B e-commerce website, you have to strike a chord with your qualified leads, provide the quote and offer them with compelling reasons to do business with you. Also, check out the home page of your website. Does it include a powerful call to action? Is the content appealing enough to convert leads? If the answer to these questions is “Yes” you are heading in the right direction.

No customer decides to invest in a product without understanding who you are or knowing if your offerings match with their requirements. Hence, your web-to-print website must tell a story. Not about the products you offer but the problems you have solved and the challenges you have overcome for your customers. Through testimonials and reviews, display the needs and demands of your customers and how you solved them. This makes it easy for your prospects to relate with your business.


The nature of every online printing business is dynamic and keeps changing with the market demands. Same stands true for websites. For your print commerce website to succeed and work smoothly, you must have the best possible ecommerce platform. A good ecommerce system will enable you to update your products and change your website content on your own through the dashboard. The best way to have fresh content on your website is to maintain a blog and share it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.


For your print commerce website to work seamlessly, it is important to keep it secure. Conduct regular checks and have a security review from time to time so that you can monitor the signs of attack. If you outsource, make sure you choose a provider who understands the ins and outs of your platform and monitor it well. Also, in order to lower the chances of your website getting hacked, you should turn on the two step authentication process. So if your website is accessed from some other device, you would get a notification about the same.

We hope the above mentioned tips will help you to achieve success with your online printing business. If you want your online printing business to go a long way, you must make your website interesting and engaging apart from using a world class web-to-print software. Also, B2B sales team must work hard to find qualified leads and retain them.