2016-2017 NFL cowboy vs. Steelman

This is called “fake spike“, which is a variation of “spike” in clock management tactics.

At the end of the game, if the leading side holds the ball, they must hope that the game clock doesn’t stop, the faster the better, so they usually use the running guard to hold the ball in the middle, or even the quarterback kneels directly to burn the time. And if you are like the Steelers in this game, you have to stop watch as much as possible when you are behind. The main way is to pass the ball to the side. But the defense side is not stupid. Generally, it will be very tight on the side. In the middle, it depends on the defense of the deep area, so that you can get short yards in the middle, but lose time.

Then the attackers can push forward the yards successfully, but they can’t get out of the field. When the pause left in their hands is not enough, they will choose to throw the ball. Drop the ball – pass failure, no loss of yards, loss of gears. However, according to the rules, the quarterback must fall immediately after receiving the kick-off. If he can’t observe and find that the passing chance is not good, he will fall again. Otherwise, he will be sentenced to an intentional grounding penalty of 10

Yard up, plus loss — attack chance, without stopwatch.