Bundesliga return to Dortmund vs Schalke 04 match recommendation!

Today is the day when the Bundesliga starts again. It will bring you a match between Dortmund, Schalke and 04. Dortmund currently has the most popular attack combination in Europe, sandjo and Holland, among which the former is the most popular.

This season, is expected to complete, shoot assists, double 20 record, the latter, joined, Bundesliga, after an average of less than an hour can score a goal, League break before the search for four consecutive wins and three zero blocked opponents, including the 4-0 win in the Champions League, Frankfurt Schalke 04 last season more dangerous, relegated this season.

In the absence of the introduction of big players, but a sudden rise, ranking in the top six coaches, there is no doubt about the ability of Genna, he officially made a debut in Dortmund II team, and goalkeeper Somer and striker Lam bunny are also the key to the rise of the team, although nine games have been defeated, but Ruhr district Derby.

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Mourn! Utah Jazz legend coach Sloan died at the age of 78

New York time, on May 22, the NBA Utah Jazz team officially announced that the legendary coach of the club, Jeremy Sloan, died at the age of 78. The Jazz team wrote in an official statement that “Jerry Sloan is always synonymous with Utah Jazz, and she will always be.”. He’s definitely one of us. We mourn his death with his family, friends and fans. Thank you very much for what he’s achieved in Utah and the decades he’s brought to the team. Sloan, as jazz manager, was inducted into the hall of fame. In 23 years of coaching, he has had a huge impact on the Jazz team, just like the retired shirt hanging over the court. He has brought 1223 victories, 20 playoffs and the second NBA Finals, which are great achievements.

He is indomitable, which makes him very much loved. Even after his retirement, every time he comes to the home court, he will be cheered by the fans. Just like Stockton and Malone, Jerry Sloan is the epitome of this jazz. We will always remember him, US, his wife, Tam min, his family and so on.

People who knew and loved him expressed their heartfelt mourning. Jerry Sloan, born in 1942, played for Baltimore bullets, Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls, twice in the NBA all star lineup, four in the NBA best defensive lineup. From 1970 to 71, he was selected as the second best defensive lineup of the NBA for two consecutive times. At the beginning of 1976, Jerry Sloan announced his retirement due to injury. His jersey was also retired by the bulls in 1978. After retiring from the bulls, he became a coach, successively coaching the Chicago Bulls and.

Utah Jazz team, and from 1988 coach Utah Jazz team to 2011 sick twice led the Jazz team to the finals, is the United States four major leagues coach for the longest time, Sloan regular season coaching record of 1221-803, is NBA history.

In 2009, he was elected to the basketball hall of fame as a coach. In 2016, he was honored as the coach’s lifelong achievement award.

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The western part is basically

The western part is basically like this in the east part. We don’t care much about the players in the back. I don’t want to say much. The main thing is to focus on these players in the West. Some netizens asked us before.

Whether curry can be selected to all, stars and all depends on your ability to see how high the number and quality of your fans are, right? All the winners have run out, and the rest are loyal. How long can this dead pig last? It’s really you, unless it’s really like this, unless you can always play well. Otherwise, the fans will run, and all of them will run around. They really love a player very much. After all, I’m sorry to interrupt. Then, what about curry this year? Er, I don’t think it’s necessary to play All-Star to recuperate for a year. After all, all the tickets are available. There are more than 800000 votes, even 1 million, no more than, ah, it’s a bit embarrassing, right? You can get into the all-round with such votes, and I think there is no light on the stars. I think it’s better to wait for next year, when the whole staff has a rash and make a good record. I think you KULI fans always give me a score. You don’t want to be shameful. Right, we’re all telling the truth. You vote like this. We are all like this. Kuri fans are warriors fans. KULI fans are looking for portraits. Ah, give us a score. Well, I think, this primary school student is asking us to criticize us in our program or I haven’t seen many players.

In particular, curry fans, this is always to give us a score, and few other fans feel very rational. No matter how much bad things I say about curry, right? I, I, I, I have many facts that are incorrect. It is totally brainless to ask for votes. If you give us a copy of dance, all the votes you vote for are brainless. Voting is the same. Well, you feel uncomfortable. I really really think that if you don’t listen to it, don’t listen to it. OK, you can take the pass and leave us messages that need to pay attention to. In this NBA, compared with the fans, steamed and powdered, they are not fake fans. We don’t come here to observe and then run away. Right, so, so you pay attention to us and give us a point, is it evil? Is that not evil? Is it bad bad? Make complaints about it. OK, well, next year, after coming out next year, I will make a good result and then choose the whole. Kobe’s like this, can play five or six games, star

Do a special program

Do a special program about Williamson, the rookie champion. Then this long vacation this year is a bit long. We doubt our life. Then, Williamson’s first game also played the first game of our suspicious life. After half-time play, we made a qualitative and judgment on this player. How, download, the ball suffered Waterloo in the second half, and played a strong face. Ah, I believe we also hit a wave of experts in the face. But we also said that a ball does not represent what we should have a long-term observation of her. We will conduct a long-term observation on this player after five games. Now evaluation, we have played five games, almost right record, played very well, won many games, Williamson, is also meritorious, look at the high score, get high score, now has reached, the field average is close, 20 points for playing time is limited, under the circumstances, can not reach the average of 20 points is very great, I believe this champion.

It’s no problem for him to score so high, to hit such a high percentage and to show his contribution to the team. Ah, it’s worthy of our champion draft, ranking, but we need to be in the ball. He has natural problems and defects, which is also an indisputable fact. After the first game of the ball, why did we have doubts about this player mainly because, ah, the scout report did not reflect Williamson’s outside shooting ability. Now we can observe the ball in five games. What is written in the report is consistent with his comprehensive evaluation of the five games he has now. How to say this? In fact, no matter in the low tide, the weight of four out of three points is concealed. This is an accidental phenomenon, four games, five games. After that, you can clearly see that, ah, his ability to shoot from the outside is lacking, ah, there is hardly any. In the last four games, a total of 200 shots were taken. Ah, according to the normal understanding, this is extremely unscientific and unreasonable. Most of you have the ability of outside projection. You played very well in the first game, and you had enough outside lines.

Is the World Cup “Oolong Cup”?

As of the match between Russia and Egypt that ended in the early morning of the 20th, there have been five Oolong balls in the world cup. This figure has kept up with the total number of Oolong balls in the world cup. You know, there have been more than a dozen matches so far. Therefore, some people say, this is not the world cup, this is the oolong, the cup ah, and what is the most tragic? In this world cup, all the teams that have scored the own goal have lost. In fact, to think about it, ah, the Oolong ball is indeed the most dramatic in football field. There is a blur, and the ball goes into their own goal. I don’t feel guilty, but I have to face the pressure of being regarded as spies by the team-mates and fans. In fact, since its birth, the Oolong ball has always been a favorite thing for fans on the field. So today’s program will tell you about the Oolong ball.

Ah, it sounds very interesting. In fact, it has a very frightening name, Ren Qiu. Ah, the earliest one is from the English word uncle. It means that since the goal is scored, the fans transliterate the own ball directly as aongaer, and his other good brother is Pino. I mean penalty kick. They are two of the most popular brothers in football. So far in this world cup, they have scored 13 goals in total. Like this, the goal rate, Messi and Ronaldo have to be changed. Ah, seriously, in fact, own goal is urgent. Devastation, players’ mentality, many people, because of the Oolong ball, thus lost the fighting spirit, what’s more, because of the Oolong ball, so the first Oolong ball in history, when happened, it was, 1877, it was the FA Cup final of England. In such an important game, an own goal at any moment would almost ruin the fate of the team. In fact, the players and referees at that time were not very sure how to deal with the own ball. Ah, at that time, the two sides were the goalkeepers of Rangers and Oxford Rangers, and Sinai had to save.

NFL is committed to investing in “systemic racism”

On Monday, AFC will hold a video conference with representatives of East and West Asian Football Associations to discuss the specific competition mode and time of this season’s Asian championship. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association hopes to present a new version of the opening plan of the Chinese Super League to the General Administration after the meeting. Now, the four Asian Championship clubs represented by Evergrande are undoubtedly under the most pressure. They need to consider the two outstanding events, the Chinese Super League and the Asian championship, for preparation.

Roberto Klein, the chief executive of Bundesliga international, said in an interview recently that he hoped to see Chinese players in the Bundesliga next season or in the next few seasons. At present, many Bundesliga clubs are interested in and concerned about this. At present, the Bundesliga official, as well as six of the 18 clubs, have offices in China. Klein believes that this fully shows the importance of the Chinese market to the Bundesliga and the close relationship between China and Germany in the sports industry. Bundesliga, China Football Association and China Super League also maintain exchanges and cooperation in many aspects.

Advantages of wood grain transfer furnace

Wood grain transfer furnace is a common aluminum equipment in the surface treatment of home decoration aluminum materials. There are several kinds of surface coloring treatment processes. Wood grain transfer furnace equipment is particularly suitable for the current all aluminum household materials, which not only meets the consumers’ attachment to the appearance of wood furniture, but also achieves the performance of green environmental protection. Many people may not know about wood grain transfer machine very well. Next, 10000 Gus’s editor will tell you the advantages of wood grain transfer printing furnace.

First of all, the efficiency of wood grain transfer furnace is high. After translating wood grain paper such as door panel or PVC decorative board, the wood grain transfer furnace can be transferred to the equipment for a few minutes. After the delivery paper falls off, the surface of home aluminum is smooth, the wood grain is clear and lifelike, and then no treatment is needed. Then it is energy-saving and convenient. Compared with the way of painting before surface treatment, the problem of surface treatment is solved by wood grain transfer furnace.

What’s more, the wood grain transfer furnace has high quality and practicability. The products produced by the wood grain transfer furnace equipment have high quality, and the operation process also avoids the tedious process of traditional technology. The wood grain transfer furnace equipment can also be used for single plate transfer, which can also save manpower arrangement.

TUA teng’oualoa set up scholarship for his high school alma mater

Recently, the recovery of TUA tagovaloa’s injury has become the focus of media attention. But in addition, he also devoted himself to public welfare.

The Miami Dolphin rookie quarterback announced on Tuesday that he would set up a $300000 scholarship on behalf of the tengovaloa family at his high school alma mater, St. Louis high school in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I hope these scholarships will give good Hawaiian students the same opportunities as I have from St. Louis high school,” Teng said in a statement. “I have the honor to honor my family and high school with this gift.”

The scholarship will be awarded to four students from Hawaii over the next four years, each named after Teng’s grandparents.

In 2017, at the age of 19, teng’oualoa became a four-star high school player and the best high school player in Hawaii. Now, he is selected in the fifth place in the first round of the draft and is expected to become the dolphin quarterback.

What is the difference between thermal printing and heat transfer printing?

Nowadays, RFID printers on the market are generally divided into two printing methods: thermal printing and thermal transfer printing.

The heat sensitive printing uses the heat sensitive medium after chemical treatment. When the medium passes under the heat sensitive printing head, it turns black. Moreover, the heat sensitive printing does not use ink, toner or ribbon, which saves cost. Moreover, the simple design makes the heat sensitive printer durable and easy to use. Thermal printing does not need color band, so the cost is lower than thermal transfer printing.

Heat transfer printing is to heat the ribbon through the heat sensitive printing head, and the ink melts on the label material to form a pattern. The ribbon material is absorbed by the media, and the pattern forms part of the label, providing pattern quality and durability that other on-demand printing technologies cannot match. Compared with thermal printing, thermal transfer printing can accept more kinds of media, including paper, polyester and polypropylene materials, and the printed pattern text has a longer storage time.

In terms of application scope, thermal printing technology is usually used in supermarkets, clothing stores, logistics, retail and other industries with low requirements for barcode printing; while transfer printing technology is mostly used in manufacturing, electronics, chemistry, manufacturing, medical treatment, retail, transportation logistics, public services, government agencies and other industries.

Take over Josh Gordon’s application for reinstatement

On Thursday, us time, according to the NFL Network, foreign takeover Josh Gordon filed his application for reinstatement on Wednesday and is now waiting for a decision from League president Roger Goodell.

Gordon has been training in Seattle for a route run to prepare for his return to the NFL. He hopes to lift his status of being suspended indefinitely before the start of training camp.

Gordon was suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s enhanced performance drug policy and drug abuse policy after five games for Seahawk last year. This is the fifth time in eight years that he has been banned by the League (brown banned him in 2014), the second time that he has been suspended indefinitely for the same reason, the last time in 2018.

Gordon’s lawyer said: “due to the death of his brother, Josh was decadent and degenerated. But after that, he realized that he had to make the right decisions, do the right things, and manage himself better. He has found the right team to help him return to the right path, and he will cherish all opportunities to work hard. “