Owen is suffering from Celtic

Look at the letters today. The victory of Owen’s goal with a high score of 39 points is under Owen’s control. Now whether he is swept away by 1-3-4-1 or won by 4-3-7, it’s up to Owen. You see, Owen is suffering from Celtic. Yes, this kind of attack ability, this kind of attack, ability, organization ability is weak. In this case, there are only two qualified organizations, one is Owen, the other is hofford or Ford. With the age of the elderly, Owen is gradually degenerating. But Owen, the first accident attack, has to be organized. He can’t take so many things into consideration, right. So it’s very tiring to be the leader of the team, Owen. You see, this season, slowly began to realize the pressure of James when he cooperated with James, right? James is the absolute core of the organization of the team, right? Now Owen wants to play this role, is it tired or not tired, is it difficult to play it.

If you want to be yourself and how to be yourself, we say that weishao weishao also needs to be yourself. That is to say, you should show your strongest characteristics. If you can score, you should score. If you want to score, you can cut points crazily. You don’t care about anything else. In order to achieve this embarrassing situation, the residents’ situation has reached such an embarrassing situation, there is no need to consider other things.

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Duran may be better than Owen

I don’t know what to do without playing, although embid is not good.

But you also have to play for him. Ah, only when he plays seven people can you have a chance to win. You expect every game. Rely on, Jimmy Butler. We say such a player can change the game, but can’t change the series. You still have to pay more attention to enbid in this series. Absolutely, the core is going to attack. If the NBA can’t play, how can you show your ability and strength by calling out the pitchers and the outsiders? I just ask, Simmons, is he a player with 30 players in a single game? Ah, Jimmy Butler, 30 per game. Harris is such a player, has, such a personal super ability, her ability than Duran may be better than Owen, enby harden and even wechat business? Can’t, but enbid has 30 plus ability per game, 30 plus 13 double ability and even triple double ability, not to mention the ability of big three double, right. The ability of double doubles, ah, 3310 plus 10, so you don’t play. Well, Peter, do you play some other things that you don’t have? Does it reflect the coach’s incompetence and water. Now, it’s obvious to coach mubaram that it’s not a tactical problem.

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Curie is also an opportunity

I’ll tell you, Bogut is not enough to keep up with the rhythm, double lights, Gordon and harden, ah, double lights, Yuan light and harden. These two players should make good use of their breakthrough ability, so cluttering, don’t be convex and convex all the time, including Rockets player Reeves with ball.

Break through, ability, sneak, go to, under the basket, sudden, right? All of them were played out, right? Beat them through, beat all his inside players down, and play rhythm for him. Right? The faster you play, the better you defend, the better. The more rounds you have, the better the drag. He told you that the advantage of rockets lies in their excellent physical fitness. Poor, ah, there are so many players, ah, a drag can drag the warriors to death. I tell you, this kind of opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Starting from the first quarter, ah, it’s so big. Don’t be behind in the first and second quarters. We said that if there is a backward situation, don’t fall behind because of the first and second quarters. If you give up this tactic, you’ll get marvelous results in the third and fourth episodes. Ah, many of our teams are like this, including the warriors. In 123 quarters, you slowly beat your brother’s physical fitness to death with the death of five small brothers in the fourth quarter. When brother Wen can’t play and can’t keep up with me, I use the so-called smile. Please, tactics, ah, the so-called death of the five small, you will be scrapped, ah, these big player teams, ah, play the traditional teams, ah, play, play abandoned, so the Rockets for the Rockets is also an opportunity, for Curie is also an opportunity.

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Durant is injured

Now there are netizens, I see Ha, that is to say.

Cole’s level may not be that high. Let’s take a look at this year’s series, the rockets and the bear market. Can this match reflect Cole’s level, because we know after Kerr takes office. He, um, his dialectic, the transition between the old and the new came very quickly. He got, uh, direct help. Um, green and Thomson, quickly and righted, right? Throw this David Lee and igordala to t. It directly changed the overall appearance of the warriors. When they reached the finals, they were on the death five small teams. This, the strange array and the strange array played. The small ball tactics of the modern whole league. Ha ha, how can I never say that I want to clean up? I won’t be caught by you. Well, so, um, these things are, if they are done occasionally, we have no reference value, right? If it happens often, for example, even if Durant is injured, the warriors can still ride.

Monster, can beat the Rockets, then, said, Cole’s level is really high, you have to admit, but even if there is no case, Cole’s level, champion coach, ah, no doubt, the level must have been Wharton’s, ah, mine is not worth mentioning. Champion coach, but, the level is not worth mentioning, that’s not worth mentioning, so say ah, so we say, now the only target of this kind of choice of coach k of the Laker team is you smile. Come back to the Lakers and take us to the Lakers, right? You have to be responsible. You have to have this way to build our team. Ah, the two giants and the three giants offer conditions directly. We have only one James. How do you run. We formed into three giants

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you are attacking Paul

Why are there so many Curie fans? We slapped each other, right? We’ve photographed 50 boards on both sides. We said that the media, ah, really has the ability to magnify infinitely. Well, the ability of tiny particles does exist, whether it’s good or bad. But, ah, you have to know, ah, you are Naruto, you are a public figure, you should take responsibility for everything you say and do. You like Paul, did you say that she could not admit herself, he only dared to wash the white, but we believe Paul said that he said so. He has done such things. We are absolutely sure that we are right. Has Du Ku Li ever said this? Ah, you mu you publicly said that the media helped her to say that the media passed through him through his words and deeds. Ah, how could this sentence be repeated? I don’t know. Anyway, Paul was right. These, actions, right? Well, you can not say this, and you will not be caught by the media. If you catch this handle, you will prove that you are attacking Paul. Paul is not doing this to you, air Paul, no, no problem. You can find out from heaven to earth.

Don’t, be discovered, don’t look at it. This is a requirement for you to become super in the future. You need to have such self-cultivation. You can take care of these. Ah, the brain damage powder can go to see. The message below is also one, and the newspaper report is the same. Why didn’t rocket fans attack us? Why didn’t Paul fans attack us? Only Curie fans attacked us. Why? Find out why

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Mighty warriors!

The first game between the Blazers and the warriors was finished. Er, the Blazers lost 20 points. The warriors Kuri scored nine points according to the records. Three points were put into the game. They were fantastic. Pay, ah, the rhythm of this elegant and flexible, imaginative dream library, ah, this is very good, just like our previous hard disk, ah, I really think this is a pioneer, I have no reason to speak of any reason, I said to play. After losing 20 points in the first game, some netizens said that the Blazers can compete with the warriors. If there is something wrong with them, they can resist. As we said in the previous program, if the nuggets can get in, they can also play with the warriors. It’s just like that the Blazers get into the western finals.

Has the head said this, ah, the first game, 20 points, the pioneers want to win, only hope God bless, ah victory, goddess, can hide at home, er, I’m not saying that the pioneers have no advantage in fighting warriors, ah, the only advantage is that they are uneasy and uneasy about this friend. This player is strong in attack and weak in defense. We have to say, ah, to emphasize these words, attack strong, defend weak, attack can be, cut more than 20 points, right? But his defense also lost, three, four, ten, um, that’s a player like this, so there’s not much of this kind of player anywhere. This attention, or the attention of the team, is not enough. This is the semester. Well, now that the game is over, it can be seen that Kate can’t attack the warriors’ inside line, cause nothing, cause nothing to kill, and even more threaten, ah, the attitude is so-called in other teams. They all come to the warriors, and all of them become inferior. You can’t help it. They are not at the same level

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the 76ers are a team

I personally think ha said that it is a big probability that HA will get 200 million annual salary if he stays in the 76ers. He has no reason, why not? Well, he has no reason and can’t make ends meet. It’s a good development to go to the basketball and nets team. But you have to know, Jimmy Butler is not young, he is not a first-class star, he is not a first-line star, and he won the share.

Star’s five-year contract in the future, five years later, ah, well, it’s very good to get ten million, eight or nine million in front of it. So, ah, I’d like to sum up three reasons: the 76ers are a team that can win the championship. The first point is that Jimmy Butler is willing to stay in such a team. The next day, I got 200 million, the top salary, I got my biggest interests. The second and third point is that we can establish an absolute core position in the team, we can reap fame and wealth, and we can also compete for the championship, um, so. There’s no reason to leave the 76ers. Ah, it’s not easy for the 76ers to give the wings, right? Let’s say zero. But if the 76ers are willing to give, then the probability of Jim Carter staying in other teams should be ignored

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Green top salary!

If Durant leaves the warriors, then ah, the warriors will come back from the dead and be reborn. Ah, ah, it can be said that we have changed back to our favorite one. And the warriors, I believe, have a lot of blackberries. I believe there will be many warriors fans who will be stronger. Thompson green and curry will cooperate with each other. Ah, I think it’s one of them. I’m looking forward to the expected combination. Now let’s talk about the contract with green. Many netizens are also discussing the contract with green. I think everything is caused by Durant’s contract. If Rand left the warriors successfully, Green’s contract is no longer a problem. So some netizens have to ask now. They are also hotly discussing the issue of how much the revolutionary contract should be given to 30 million, 32 million or 25 million. Then I want to say, go to green, and you should give it to Dingxin.

What’s more, it is bound to be given. Dingxin has no room for discussion or bargaining. Green is a player. Ah, his dim sum does not represent his ability and value. On behalf of the warriors, we must understand that there is no ability and value. A lot of ah, her ability has not much value, and there is not much to be compared with his top heart. We have to say, analogy with it, in other words, he doesn’t deserve the base salary, which is very simple, but the warriors have to give it, because for the warriors, it needs players like green to match the system, once the warriors lose. This, the core of attack and defense, then the overall structure of the warriors will collapse. This role of curry, the role of bonus ah, we need to know that the Green family is used to add bonus, green is a product of Curie. I saw a netizen on the Internet today in this paragraph. Message ah, in an article, the following message, I think this description is too subtle, curry is a product of green, there are players like curry, ah, to generate such a product, of course, we also have no denying that, ah, Curie’s explosion of this ability is based on Green’s help.

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God rewards you, lorry!

As long as you can endure, play your own game, wait for the opportunity to wait for the opportunity, right? The Raptors are an inspirational model. This game fully proves this point. The defense ability of the Raptors is championship level. The championship, the level of the team’s defense ability is the championship, the level again proves this sentence, ah, of course, the bucks are also excellent ah, from our personal heart, we hope that the chest can advance to the finals. It’s going to bang, ah, because when it hits the warriors and reaches the finals, he will have more changes. Unlike the Raptors, it will change less. If there are changes, you can say that you may be able to compete with the warriors, right? If it is not necessary, you may take a move and sleep together for two sets. The direction of the game is to play two sets directly, play one game directly, right? If you play one game, you can only directly see the difference between the two teams, right? But it goes against our wishes. Ah, things go against our wishes. We support Mo Wenwei. First of all, we have never admitted that we have never thought of it.

Maomao is a fake strong team. We said at the beginning of the season that Menglong is very powerful. You, if you can’t underestimate this team, it is the top team in the East. Now it’s playing in the finals. All, fans who look down on Raptors should really know and take a good look at this team

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James has a low winning rate in the finals = James can’t dominate

It seems that James is very difficult to get the upper hand. The reason for this problem lies in the fact that three people are the biggest James Black. They make James’s advantages fade. They are not strangers. They are all celebrities. They are Du Shubao, Kawaii and Wei sanshuang. Durant has proved that it is not so difficult to win the championship. How many championships are worth?

Wesbrook has proved that as long as the ball is in hand, any exaggeration and good-looking data can be printed out. How many triple doubles are the team-mates worth? Kawaii proved that it is not difficult for the east to enter the finals. It’s a simple thing to enter the finals in the first year. Therefore, it is not surprising that James encounters all kinds of black spots. The advantages can’t convince many people. Then there are black spots. Personally, he is not a James fan. But from the perspective of personal ability, James is really very strong. But he has a short board and eats teammates very much. As a forward player, he needs to have the ball in his hand, and then he needs to have the ball in his hand Wei is very troublesome, and James with the teammates, in his met inside, a Wade qualified. Jordan’s advantage over James lies in the fact that the ball is in his hand, he can score and organize, but when the ball is not in his hand, he can continue to play, coordinate, direct and assist his teammates. In Peyton’s words, Jordan is a person who points out all aspects of his ability at the critical moment. Even if it is three points, there is a record of three points in the Finals held by Joe 。 (Jordan is better than the playoffs in the finals, better than the regular season, in all aspects.)

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