The most capable scorer in the post Jordan era

The Rockets catch up with the jazz. Well, it’s right to come back after last year’s game. I remember right, in the case of ah, because, close to our better memories ah, further forward, five years ago, eight years ago, the first round Zilong certainly can’t remember, right? Last year, the thunder team, last year , right? The first round played the jazz, the first round passed. Thunder, it seems that, after the thunder in the first round, eh,

and then the Rockets in the second round, right? It should be right. OK, let’s say sorry to answer the phone, so what do we think about the Rockets playing jazz? I think, eh, how do we say this year’s rockets.

It’s slightly different from last year’s rockets, but the coach of d’antony, or Paul harden, is also different from the Rockets. At present, the team’s competitiveness is not as good as this lineup.

Last year, I always felt that the rationality of the lineup, or the toughness and the competitiveness of the team were not as good as last year, but we have to say that, but I think the achievements of the youth, ah, it’s a pity that the next round will come. Warriors, ah, the second round is about to meet the warriors. I think it’s a pity. If you listen to me, what do I mean when I say that the second round is about to meet the warriors?

It means that the Rockets will not have a holiday in the first round. It means that the first round is about to pass the jazz. The state of harden this year is to play epic level performance, which will reach the playoffs. There’s madness, ah, that’s the explosion of self-confidence, ah, so, harden is also the most capable scorer in the post Jordan era and the post Kobe era, and the most capable scorer. Don’t mention one of them, right? The 36 points of the long army are too terrible.

So it seems that our strength seems to be closer

For example, if you lose, why do you say that? I think from my personal point of view, I think that the situation is like this, ah, ah, that is to say, the Rockets should play 4-0, the Jazz should play 4-0, even if they are qualified, ah, even if they are successful, they should be reviewed. Why, ah, some netizens said, are those Rubio comeback right?

Rubio, last year there was no ruby, this year there was a signpost, this situation is different. The Rockets are not as strong as last year, right? Did they still reach the fourth position in the league? It’s not as good as last year’s record, right? It seems that last year was the first to reach the fourth and fifth position in the league .

This year is the fourth, the fourth, the fifth, the fourth, the fifth is a bit tongue twister, so it seems that our strength seems to be closer, the jazz and the Rockets play better, there are a lot of media. The comment is, er, to write the score as 4-2 for the rockets and 4-2 for the jazz. It is also said that the rhythm of 4-3 is to fight for 7. Well, I personally think there are some problems. What you need to see is the Rockets.

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The next walkers’ team has to step up

It’s not six games. The next walkers’ team has to step up. Well, we hope these games can be played well. The more we play, the better. Well, as we said before, this kind of game, ah, today’s League, modern basketball, is rare, right? Now you watch this kind of game. Yes, I think it’s very strange. I think it’s so smelly and interesting, right? In the past few years, this kind of game was called garbage game.

It’s very ugly, right? Now in the league, everyone is so big, right? Well, occasionally there are two teams doing this. Well, you think it’s very interesting. Can go, see, ah, this is more beautiful. As we said before, the two rounds of series are the best. One round is the Pacers vs Celtic. Ah, of course, there are fewer fans. If you are a real mini ball, go and see. The other one is the Spurs vs Nuggets.

Right? This is a regular routine game. This game is more beautiful. Ah, this kind of thing really has content. It’s not like other teams playing warriors, clippers, bucks, pistons, rockets and jazz. What’s the good movie? Well, you say that, the Pacers, the team, Celtic and us have said that before. So two days ago.

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Let’s put aside the isolation with a thumbs up

Ah, green, play it again. OK, curry Thomson OK, no problem. Let’s put aside the isolation with a thumbs up. Other people play it again. OK, Durant OK, no problem. Excellent athletes, then why do you hate the warriors so much. Ah, so, noon, through this incident, how ugly and ugly a team is. It’s the same with Cole.

Let’s not talk about Cole’s character. It’s obvious to all. We don’t want to talk about anything. As long as you are a Chinese, you don’t want to identify with it. I don’t agree with it. I don’t apologize. I don’t accept it. To tell you the truth, I don’t accept it. You are willing to accept it. Anyway, I don’t accept it. I’ll turn to the beginning and end of this matter. Before, in the fifth game of the Rockets, Durant didn’t confront. If the leg fell to the ground and was injured, there was no report afterwards.

The champion of the warriors was Durant with a calf strain. We judged before that. When we played in the second quarter, we judged at the end of the fourth quarter that Durant would have a calf strain for at least two weeks. Er, at that time.

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It seems that hofford’s meaning is possible

I didn’t think about this future plan. It’s all a one shot deal. Ah, it offended everyone, right? Ah, how many benefits did the nets get when they replaced Garnett and pierce? Now, this conversation has sold Rondo. They’re all ruthless. They don’t shed a tear.

They don’t say hello, right? In addition, they understand. In fact, they understand. Well, after Kelly Owen joined the Celtic team, they don’t give him the privilege of the main core, right. Prepare, Fusheng Tatum and so on, as well as Hayward and hofford now. Hofford also jumped out of the contract. Is there a share of him? We don’t give it up. It seems that hofford’s meaning is possible.

If Owen can’t sign it, then I’ll jump out of the contract and give me a long-term contract, right? I’ll reduce the value of the contract and sign a four-year one hundred million contract. I still want to sign it with you. Celtic gave it up quickly, right.

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But now it seems that in nearly three months, the maintenance is very good

But now it seems that the bubble has been very well maintained for nearly three months, except for some occasional events that we chatted about as the fringe news, such as house or Lu Wei. The whole bubble can be said to be perfect from the perspective of broadcasting.

Originally speaking, the experience of the fans is not as good as that of the former NBA where there were fans at the scene. But I think the league has done its best in the face of modern challenges and restrictions, and what is more valuable is the cavalry League at the same time.

It’s the lowest audience rating in more than 20 years, which is the most important reason. It’s also the first time that NBA has to compete with the NBA Finals, rugby and baseball, and other professional sports leagues in the United States at the same time for fans. But from the perspective of bubbles, it’s the best way.

From the perspective of players’ health, NBA has done the best in all sports leagues and military leagues in the United States. I agree with that very much. At the beginning, I really thought that bubbles would have problems at a certain time.

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Carter is actually a bull version of Mitchell Robinson in a way

Carter is actually, to some extent, the bulls, version of Mitchell Robinson rookie season has shown very high scoring efficiency and the flexibility of defense, but the playing time is very limited, the average playing time is 25 minutes, then you know why the upper body has type, because the coach is rotten and injured.

Kobe’s only difference is not that the coach doesn’t let him go on the court. He can’t go on the court. In fact, his injury risk is very big. In recent seasons, there is hardly a year. Ah, the attendance rate is up to the standard level of the league. I agree with that. But his injury risk is that he, including his rookie, actually played this four game in the last two months Four games.

However, the hidden danger of his injury is that his number of appearances is relatively small, but his average playing time is not more than 30 minutes, but he is actually a young center with the starting ability and the average playing time is more than 30 minutes, so I think it is very possible after changing the coach next season.

Carter’s playing time and chances will be more. Gao Zhi, as you said, the multi terminal disadvantage is that the offensive core of the team may not be able to be established soon. In fact, on my side, there is another disadvantage, that is, he and the star. I don’t agree with that. Think about his teaching experience.

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He was well represented during the Clippers

Coach, right, there are also reasons for injuries, there may be some gaps in the team’s star, but I am optimistic about the signing. I think rivers has two abilities that are very suitable for this seven week man. The first one is his ability to coordinate multiple stars. In fact, this is most obvious in Celtic.

There are many big stars, all of them can hold down, and those players are actually very difficult to do. Yes, they can give them chicken soup and stimulate their potential. The second, the ability design to a certain extent involves the change of the tactics just mentioned by you two, that is, he makes good use of the ability of the sixth man.

He got a good performance during the Clippers period. I think it’s impossible to solve the 76ers’ space congestion problem, including the ball right problem, next season. If I’m a tactical analyst, one of the moves I might give them is that Ben Simmons plays the sixth man. It’s impossible for me to make a fortune.

We have to play a fake. The starting point is to take the reserve lineup as the player and organizer of the reserve lineup. Then how long is Harris’ time? Let him cut the main lineup. Simmons and the earth will lead the main lineup, including bringing in.

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There have been many changes in NBA coaches recently, including the general manager

Recently, there are a lot of coach changes in NBA, including some major news about the change of team general manager. So this program is just for you to talk about the recent NBA.

Coach selection, the change and the impact on these teams, so the ending we are recording now is on Tuesday night in the United States. After the end of last season, a total of six teams have identified new coach candidates. They are Brooklyn.

The nets against the New York Knicks, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Indiana Pacers just announced today. In addition to these teams, in fact, there are several teams in the NBA, and the candidates for the head coach are vacant. For example, this is almost right.

Er, the thunder team and the Houston Rockets, which are also in constant news recently, are paying close attention to it. Today, we will talk to you about the candidates for new coaches of these teams and the positions of the vacant coaches.

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What thunder can do is basically not leave the goods on the book

So first of all, or young players with potential, the skincare may also be sold in the next few days. The possibility of reselling is very small. Basically, there is no team that can afford or be responsible for this big contract. Thunder can basically not keep the goods on the book, after all.

Thunder can afford it. In addition, it is possible to buy out such a large contract. However, if you want to buy out such a large contract, the cost is very high. In fact, the more important thing is that it is extremely attractive to 76 people. After doing this transaction, it is definitely not an end. It may be just a, the beginning is right.

In the end, seven teasers made a deal with the Mavericks. The point guards on both sides made a deal. The Mavericks got about ten Richardson’s 76ers. He got cescurie of the Mavericks. In my opinion, this deal should be a win-win deal. Yes, before this deal, amo.

If you ask me if the Mavericks can play the Suns, I may have to ask you this doubt. After the deal, it was very clear that the Mavericks must have played the Suns, because you have found the civil air defense make-up course, but it is a very important point. Although Richardson played in 76ers last season.

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